How to Plan a Trip to the United States? What do you need to know before traveling? How to apply for the ESTA electronic visa? Rent a car or a motorhome to tour the country? You will find this and much more on this page.

Everything you need to plan your travel to the United States, visit the main cities, tour the mythical Route 66 or the West Coast, and much more!

How to Plan a Trip to the United States

In this first section, we are going to focus on the “bureaucratic” part, what papers you need to travel to the United States, and the advice and recommendations to visit the country on your own.

United States Map
Tips for traveling to the United States
ESTA electronic VISA application
ESTA Application
travel insurance
Travel Insurance
rent a car
How to Drive in America
Travel to Canada by rental car from the US
Car Rental
Renting a Car

Plan Your Trip to New York

New York is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and, without a doubt, a city that you have to visit once in your life. In this section, you will find a 5-day travel itinerary, the famous excursion of contrasts, and an essential list of visits and tours that you have to do when you visit NYC.

In addition, recommendations on accommodation, and other nearby visits that I am sure you will love. Click where you are most interested and start traveling!

NYC 5-day Itinerary
Tour of Contrasts, NYC Neighbors
Best NYC Tours

Plan Route 66 Road Trip

One of the legendary road trips in the United States is Route 66. Travel the country from Chicago to Los Angeles (or vice versa) and discover great cities, quaint towns, people of all kinds, and stunning landscapes and national parks.

If you plan to travel Route 66 on your own, read on and start planning your adventure.

Route 66 start sign
How to Plan Route 66
Route 66
Route 66 Itinerary
US Route 66
Route 66 Travel Guide

Travel to the West Coast of the United States

The West Coast of the United States is one of the most visited, and the best way to fully enjoy it is by road. Renting a car or a motorhome to explore California and its national parks is terrific. I recommend this trip 100%, but take it easy and spend at least 15 days on it.

Don’t spend a lot of time in Las Vegas either and visit the national parks instead. Take hiking trails and enjoy outdoor activities. There are options for all tastes and the whole family!

Golden Gate Bridge
Itinerary 15-Day West Coast
Los Angeles at Sunset
Itinerary from Los Angeles to San Diego
Best Things To Do in Los Angeles
Grand Canyon National Park
Visit the Grand Canyon
California Death Valley
Visiting Death Valley
Vegas, Nevada
visit vegas
Golden Gate Bridge
What to See in San Francisco
Roys Cafe Amboy
From Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Route 66
Accommodation in Vegas

Other Recommendations

More recommendations for your trip to the United States. I will expand this section and the others to find everything you need to travel to the United States in one place.

road trip music
Music for Your Road Trip
Visit the Petrified Forest
What to visit in Florida