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Route 66, Day-to-Day Itinerary

Do you want to know what you will see during your road trip to Route 66? We leave here the complete itinerary that we have made.

If your idea is to start in Chicago, it’s effortless; instead of day one, start with the 14th, with visits to this magnificent American city.

US Route 66 Map

Full Itinerary to Travel Route 66 on Your Own

Day 1. Best Things to Do in Los Angeles?

We begin our journey on Route 66. On this first day, we will get to know the city of Los Angeles, which you should not miss.

To this day, you’ll pick up your rental car and get to know Los Angeles.

Route 66 itinerary, Bristow Stretch to Springfield, United States, road trip

The must-visit places in Los Angeles and its surroundings are the beaches, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood.

If you plan to road-trip the West Coast, check out this post.

Day 2. Los Angeles, CA – Amboy, California. 209 Miles

We’re going to go through the stretch from Los Angeles to Amboy. We’ve got 209 miles to go.

At this moment, one of the phrases you will see the most in the memorabilia or souvenirs of Route 66 makes sense: “Get your kicks on the Route” or “Get your kicks on Route 66”.

Some of the must-visit places between Los Angeles and Amboy are The Woman of the Way, Fontana, Cajon Summit Inn Cafe, Roy Roger Museum, House of Desert, and more.

Day 3. Amboy, California – Kingman, Arizona. 143 Miles

We begin the stretch between Amboy and Kingman. Again, it is one of the shortest in planning, only 143 miles, which amounts to about 230 kilometers.

This is not on a whim since, in this section of Route 66, I have planned for you to take a detour to the Colorado Reserve, enjoy the view it offers, and then make a stop in Oatman, a small town that is one of the more curious.

Plus, this stretch has a few must-sees, like the Road Runner and the Wagon Wheel.

Day 4. Kingman, AZ – Holbrook, Arizona. 239 Miles

Today, presumably, we’re not leaving Arizona, The Grand Canyon State; we start at Kingman, very close to the Arizona and California border, to Holbrook. A 239-mile stretch (385km-long road approx). Are you ready?

You have a barbarity of desert ahead and overwhelming landscapes that make you feel like a miserable tiny ant in the world.

Route 66 Amboy to Kingman

That is a more than recommended feeling because it makes you appreciate every moment you live on your journey differently.

As always, as we say in our guide, we go step by step to make a good Road Trip without skipping anything important or entertaining ourselves too much where it is not worth it.

There are plenty of places to visit today, so I recommend getting up early to go without haste.

Day 5. Holbrook, AZ – Grants, New Mexico. 157 Miles

We are on our fifth day of Route 66; today’s stretch is relatively short; from Holbrook to Grants, there are about 157 miles that come to be about 250 kilometers.

We started in Holbrook, if yesterday we gave time to everything, we do not have much to do already in this city, and therefore it is our turn to have a good breakfast to start the day well.

You don’t lack places, although you can have a great breakfast in The Wigwam Hotel.

route 66 kingman Holbrook stretch

If you could not visit the Geronimo Trading Post the day before, it is a good time to do it in the morning; it is a classic route.

This day’s must-visit place is The Petrified Forest National Park.

Day 6. Grants, NM – Santa Rosa, NM. 247 Miles

We’re going to cross a good part of the state of New Mexico today. As you know, it’s the land of the original North American Natives. Therefore, it is where you will be able to soak more or enjoy its culture and legacy.

Route 66 runs along I-40 to Laguna. I recommend you go on the old route, and it’s worth it. However, it’s a little dusty on some stretches; remember.

Essential in this stretch of Route 66: Everything! Seriously, the Turquoise Trail is certainly unmissable.

But also Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Santa Rosa. If you like these types of cities, you probably want to spend more time with them.

Day 7. Santa Rosa, NM – Amarillo, Texas. 172 Miles

Route 66. Stretch from Santa Rosa to Amarillo, route 66 itinerary

For a good part of this stretch, Route 66 overlaps with I-40, so, unfortunately, we will have to go on the highway in some sections, especially before Tucumcari.

From Tucumcari onwards, we will find some well-preserved sections of Route 66 that are worthwhile.

Still, it is a pretty desolate stretch, so we will not have many stops; yes, the ones we will have to deserve the visit.

Among the must-sees of this Route 66 journey are:

  • Tucumcari,
  • Adrian (MidPoint),
  • Cadillac Ranch,
  • and Big Texan Steak Ranch.

Day 8. Amarillo, TX – Clinton, Oklahoma. 176 Miles


You will enter the state of Oklahoma; its nickname is Native America. Its name comes from two words from native Indians and means “red people,” Its slogan indicates native Indian land and has been part of the United States for just over a century.

This state is also known as “The Sooner State”; the reason is historical.

Route 66 must-visit places on this stretch: McLean, Shamrock, and the Elk City Route 66 Museum.

Day 9. Clinton, OK – Bristow, OK. 160 Miles

Today we have a relatively short stretch, 160 miles into the state of Oklahoma all the time.

You’re in a state where storms and tornadoes are common. We got immense torment, but wow, nothing serious to fear.

Places you need to know yes or yes on this stretch of mythical Route 66: Lucille Hammons Gas Station, Reno, Ann’s Chicken Fry House, and Oklahoma City.

Day 10. Bristow, OK – Springfield, MO. 213 Miles

It is a relatively long stretch, 213 miles, approximately 340 kilometers. With stops and so on today, we’re going to be on the road for a while, especially since there are many things to see and stop.

It’s really going to be intense, so try to get up early. As you see, I’d be out about six or six and a half.

My favorites in this stretch are Tulsa (there are plenty of things to see, read the detailed post), Catoosa and its blue whale, Baxter Springs, and much more.

Day 11. Springfield, MO – St. Louis, MO. 216 Miles

We started our route in Springfield, where we spent the night today. So if you couldn’t see Springfield yesterday, take advantage and visit it in the morning.

Undoubtedly, a must-visit place in St. Louis and Route 66 is the Chain of Rock Bridge. It was built in 1929 and was originally a toll bridge. It subsequently endured Route 66 traffic over the Mississippi River!

Day 12. St Louis, MO – Bloomington, IL. 162 Miles

You are one step away from completing Route 66; you have today and tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon you will be entering the city of Chicago, and you will have traveled a migratory route of great importance in the United States of the early twentieth century!

You may wonder why the hell I haven’t put this stretch directly to Chicago, as you’ve got 297 miles left; that’s 475 kilometers. I really have two reasons to do it like this.

First, we traveled an average of about 200 miles daily, and I saw no reason not to do the same.

Route 66, Mustang Corral,
Route 66 itinerary, United States

The second and most important is that you DO NOT HAVE RUSH, and it is better to arrive in Chicago tomorrow in time to enjoy the part of the day that you have tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

So that you can travel this stretch today without any haste or missing anything.

This stretch’s must-see is the Mustang Corral, an ideal place for Mustang car lovers (Maybe it is close now).

Day 13. Bloomington, IL – Chicago, IL. 134 Miles

We start in Bloomington; we’re 135 miles from Chicago. So getting to Chicago will take relatively little time, although there are still a few things to see.

It’s thought of like this so that you can have a good part of today and the whole morning to get to know Chicago.

Wilmington’s Gemini Giant is our must-see on this stretch.

Day 14. Chicago, Illinois. Visit Chicago

Last day of the Route 66 itinerary (or the first if you’re just getting started). In the day before, you have already had the opportunity to get to know some places in Chicago, and you have all day today to take advantage and visit everything you can about this city.

Chicago is an architecturally beautiful city, and it’s nice to stroll and see the modernist-style buildings of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Chicago must do breakfast at Lou Mitchels, tour the Navy Pier, and take photos with The Bean and the Start and End Sign on Route 66.

Plan Your Journey on Route 66

We leave you a selection of the best posts to organize your route 66 road trip on your own.

Are you planning a road trip along America’s mother road? You’ll visit great cities and places with history and meet fascinating people.

Have you traveled Route 66 yet? What are your recommendations? Leave us a comment!!!

US Route 66 road trip itinerary

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