I have prepared this page with gear recommendations to go camping, recipes, games, and much more.

It is divided into sections that we will expand over time to find everything you need on your camping trips.

The must-haves at a glance

Do you like to go camping? Here we leave you everything you need to camp, both you travel by car and in a campervan or RV.

what to take when you go camping
What to bring camping
Sleeping bags

Kitchen Gear

There are several options for cooking when you go camping. Here I leave you 3. If you have a large trunk or van, you can take all three and try different meals on your trip.

Read this post with everything you need to cook during your camping trips.

Portable refrigerators
Portable coffee makers
Dutch Oven

To be comfortable

Going camping doesn’t mean being uncomfortable. Here are some travel recommendations.

Folding table and chairs
Inflatable Mattress
Portable Shower
Portable Bathroom


Choose your tent with attention to enjoy the outdoor life to the fullest.

Basic tent
Winter tent
Tent roof campaign

Sleeping bags

You have sleeping bags for all needs and types of travel. Choose the one that best suits you and do not go cold or hot.

sleeping bags
Spring-summer sleeping bags
Winter sleeping bags
Double sleeping bags

Clothing and footwear for camping

There are many clothes for camping and outdoor activities. Here, I leave you the essentials for your outdoor life.

Tropicfeel all-terrain sneakers
Off-road Sneakers
Men’s hiking pants
Mountain Boots Man
Men’s thermal t-shirts
Women’s hiking pants
Women’s Hiking Boots
Women’s thermal t-shirts
Laundry Camping


Recipes for doing outdoors there are many. Here I leave you easy recipes and a book with many ideas.

What to eat camping easy
Recipes with silver paper
Recipe book for camping

Camping games

Here are some ideas for camping games for everyone.

Launch the Rings

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