Essential Camping Kitchen & Cooking Gear

One of the shining stars of any camping trip is the food that you can cook and eat in the wilderness. What better way to relax and enjoy the outdoors? Well, there are a few required items and strategies when camp cooking.

Today, we will be talking about camping kitchens and essential cooking gear. These aspects will elevate your ability to cook outside in the best way possible. Here is a guide to camping kitchens and cooking gear!

Our Top 3 Best Camping Kitchen

5 Best Camping Kitchens

Giantex Folding Camping Kitchen Table

To kick off our list, we have a simple yet productive camping kitchen that is a great option. As the name implies, this option folds up quite nicely, providing better storage and transportation.

Having too many gadgets or add-ons adds nothing but more confusion in certain circumstances. If you like to keep it simple, this is the option for you.

It features two shelving units on the sides of the kitchen to add stability. Right above the shelves is two tabletops.

In the middle, you have your cooking section with another shelf and top to place a stove or other cooking apparatus.

What we like

The amount of storage supplied with this option is the main highlight. You have plenty of shelf space to keep the majority of the equipment you need to cook. It also packs up very nicely and can be stored easily.

What we don’t like

Although not a huge deal, one con is the longevity of the setup. Although highly rated, the price point and build will probably not provide an experience that will last a lifetime.

Giantex Camping Kitchen Station, Folding Grill Table with 26'' Tabletop, 2 Side Tables, Storage...
  • 【Camping Kitchen Table】: Comes with large cooking table with windscreen, this portable kitchen cook station is the outdoor camping essential to ensure more effective burning. Perfect for outdoor barbecues, party, camping, picnics, backyards and tailgating.
  • 【Stable & Durable Construction】: Made of sturdy steel X-shape frame and heavy duty oxford fabric, this portable camping cooking table can hold up to 55lbs on tabletop and side tables. The round edge corner can protect your kids from being hit and the rubber sleeve effectively prevents the table from slipping when cooking.
  • 【Spacious Storage Space】: 26'' x 16'' main tabletop, 2 side tables, 1 lower shelf, 2 zippered bag with 2 compartments, this outdoor camping kitchen table can hold your grill, cooking tools, condiments, and other supplies.

Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen

The next option up to bat is the Happybuy Portable Camping Kitchen. This is a very similar option to the first one, so keep that in mind. With a total of five enclosed shelves, you have plenty of storage space and cooking tops.

There is also a main cooking space in the middle with a wind guard built-in.

What we like

We like that this option has plenty of storage space and can be packed up very quickly. We also like the price point because you are getting some great value out of the tool.

What we don’t like

Although there really are not many bad aspects of this option, one that comes to mind is that the surface materials can become scratched and damaged without a ton of use.

So, keep in mind that there can be some wear early on.

Happybuy Camping Kitchen Table, 3 Storage Organizer, Aluminum Windscreen Outdoor Folding Grill...
  • ✔ AMAZING SIZE: LARGE working area with unpacked size 69” x 19.5” x 43.5”, it still could be packed easily as a TINY BAG with size 35″x 6″x 20”.
  • ✔ HIGH-QUATILITY MATERIAL: Main rigid construction used stable 19MM Aluminium Pip, poly 600D with PVC Coating keep your outdoor BBQ/party safe and joyful.
  • ✔ REASONABLE DESIGN: a main table, 2 side tables and 3 zippered bags with large capacity, you could place all your needed on working area.

Giantex Portable Camping Kitchen Table

On our list, we are seeing Giantex again pop up, and for a good reason. This is a slightly different option that comes with a different main use.

The Giantex Portable Camping Kitchen is also a grill table. With that additional use, you can specify your needs.

There are two shelves under the grilling unit that can be used for storage.

What we like

The best part of this portable kitchen is the grill surface. There is a spot on the right-hand side to hook up a propane tank and use the top surface as a cooking one.

This is an option that not many others have, so you do not have to have a separate surface for cooking.

What we don’t like

The biggest flaw of this option is the lack of surface space. Because the grill is taking a big part of the tool’s identity, there is not a lot of tabletop for preparing and storage.

If you need a bit more room, you may need to invest in some ulterior options to supplement that problem.

Giantex Outdoor Camping Kitchen Table, Portable Camping Grill Table with Windscreen and Remove Sink,...
  • 【Portable Camping Kitchen Table】: Comes with 48'' x 21.5'' large cooking table with windscreen, this portable kitchen cook station is the outdoor camping essential to ensure more effective burning and enable you to enjoy a big meal anytime. Perfect for picnics, backyard barbecues, tailgating parties, or an overnight hit outdoors.
  • 【Stable & Durable Construction】: Made of sturdy steel frame and heavy duty oxford fabric, this portable camping cooking table can hold up to 55 lbs on tabletop. The edge corner with protective cover protects your kids from being hit and the PP sleeve effectively prevents the table from slipping when cooking.
  • 【Spacious Storage Space & Flexible Sink】: Equipped with side storage bag for gas canister and connection hole at the back, you can freely cook outdoor. And the flexible conversion from water basin to cutting board can improve your cooking experience. The zippered bag with 2 compartments can store kitchen utensil.

Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take Along Grill Stand

One of the more simplistic budget options on the market today is the Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take Along Grill Stand.

This is one of the smaller options out there, so if you want to keep it simple and not have a kitchen take up too much room, this should be at the top of your want list.

This is simply a stand-up table with two extended tabletops. It is simple yet reliable. It is also one of the most affordable options out there, so keep that in mind.

What we like

The best part of this option is the simplicity. You will not have to commit to a ton of space when bringing this option along.

We also really like the price point. Because it is so simple, it is also for those who do not want to spend more than $100 on a camp kitchen.

What we don’t like

The main flaw with the Cuisinart option is the size and use. Although the simplicity can be a plus, it can also be a downfall, depending on your specific needs. There is no wind guard and not much built-in storage.

There is only one main storage area, and that is it. There is also a relatively small amount of tabletop space.

Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take Along Portable Grill Stand
3,348 Reviews
Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take Along Portable Grill Stand
  • FOLDS QUICKLY: Folds flat quickly and includes carrying handle for easily for transport.
  • TWO SIDE TABLES: Two flip up side tables. The side tables together have 6 cup holders and 8 tool hooks. Perfect for entertaining.
  • STORAGE SHELF: The storage shelf is a perfect spot to keep your cooler nearby and yet, out of the way. It holds up to 35 lbs.

KingCamp Outdoor Cooking Table

If you want a really high-quality camping kitchen that will surely last a long time, the KingCamp Outdoor Cooking Table is a really great option. With a wood tabletop and enclosed storage down below, you really get a good value for your money.

What we like

The quality of this option is outstanding. Although it costs a little more, it is made to last a long time. It also comes with a wind guard for grilling and enclosed storage beneath the surface.

What we don’t like

The amount of storage and table space is quite low. You are getting a good value for the price, but other options can offer a larger space to work with.

KingCamp Outdoor Cooking Table Portable Grill Table, Camping Kitchen Cook Station with 2-Tier...
  • 【Lightweight with Carrying Bag】 The camping table weighs only 19.7 lbs with carrying bag. Folding size is 30. 3 × 5. 9 × 20. 1 inches. All the parts are packed in the carry bag for convenient transportation to sit neatly in the backseat or the trunk of your car.
  • 【Removable Steel Windshield】The outdoor cooking table is equipped with handy windshield to block the wind for heat retention, keep food clean and faster cooking.
  • 【Easy to Clean】The bamboo top is durable and easy to clean, at the same time it is environmental friendly and safety, it is unnecessary for you to worry about metal scratch.

What to Look for When Buying a Camping Kitchen

Spacious kitchen top

First and foremost, you need a kitchen to supply enough space for what you need to get done. If you choose a too small option, you cannot get as much done as you would normally like.

This is where you are going to do a lot of preparation and cooking.

So, it is important to pick a kitchen with a spacious kitchen top that will at least suit your needs.

Sufficient storage area

You will also be storing many items right in the kitchen, so pick a kitchen with enough storage space to fit everything you need.

As you will see later on in this blog, there are a ton of equipment pieces and aspects that come along with camping in the outdoors, so avoid the clutter by getting a kitchen with a sufficient storage area.

Materials are durable?

Are the materials durable? This should be one of the biggest questions you ask yourself during the buying process. These kitchens can be pricey, so you want to invest in an option that is durable and will stand the test of time.

A stable base

When cooking, you will be using knives and other potentially dangerous objects. So, having a stable base is super important for safety for a variety of reasons.

This is also important so you do not lean on the side, and all of your freshly chopped vegetables fall to the ground and ruin your evening.

Easily portable

Finally, you need an easily portable camping kitchen. Depending on your style of camping, you may be strapped for extra space. Getting a kitchen that is way too heavy or bulky will not be worth the hassle.

So, weigh your needs and pick a kitchen that will fit your needs and be easily portable.

camping stove

Essential kitchen Gear to Pack for Camping

Stove and fuel

The world of camping stoves and kitchens is very extensive. Choosing the kitchen or stove that best suits our needs will depend mainly on our way of camping.

If you travel by car or an RV, the best option is the Coleman Gas Camping Stove, the Classic Propane Stove with 2 Burner.

For campers with less space, you can choose the typical kitchens that use butane/propane cylinders. Check this one you can fold.

If you travel with a backpack, the most comfortable option would be a small stove with a small bottle.

Cast Iron Pan

The best way to elevate your cooking status in the wilderness is using a cast iron pan. These are a must for cooking just about anything. The seasoning and type of cooking accomplished by a cast iron pan will provide some great meals outdoors.

Water Storage

Water plays a huge part in cooking. Having proper water storage is important to make your life in the kitchen easier and more convenient.

This could be big jugs, bottles, or bags that can store enough water for whatever you need it for.


Another luxury of camping is access to refrigeration or ice. This completely changes what you can cook and prepare while camping. Having a cooler or another way to keep food cold is a must for your next camping trip.

Check this post for more information about portable fridges.

Pot With a Lid

The pot is one of the most versatile cooking vessels for your camping adventure. You can cook soups, stews, and giant portions of various meals in a pot.

Having lit is super important because it will even contribute to simply boiling water.

Cutting Board

Cutting food on the counter or on an unstable surface can be very dangerous. Invest in a high-quality cutting board to ensure a solid, safe experience preparing to cook.

Sharp Knife

Partnered with a good cutting board is a sharp knife. Believe it or not, a sharp knife is much safer than using a dull knife.

This is because the knife will jump through the food with ease and not get snagged and create issues. So, have at least one sharp knife on deck.

Fork and Spoons to Eat With

Eating your food while camping will be much easier if you have an adequate amount of forks and spoons. This will allow you to fully enjoy the eating experience.

Plates and Bowls

Along with the forks and spoons, plates and bowls are two more staples of any camping trip. Without these, the ease of enjoying those delicious meals gets a bit more complicated.

You have a huge variety of plates and bowls to choose from. Buy the ones which suit best for your type of travel camping.


A spatula is essential for many cooking endeavors as it is one of the staples of any good kitchen. It can be used to cook so many things, so keep that in mind.

Metal Tongs

Even more so than a spatula, metal tongs are an absolute must when camping. Whether it be for grilling or any other style of cooking, tongs can get the job done.

Small Hot Water Kettle

If you like hot tea, coffee, instant noodles, oatmeal, or anything else, having a small hot water kettle is a great tool to add to the arsenal.

Coffee Setup

If you need your coffee to get going in the morning, be sure to make that a priority. This allows you to get going and still enjoy a nice brew despite being in the wilderness.

  1. Moka Coffee Maker
  2. Aeropress Coffee Maker
camping coffee maker

Additional Camp Kitchen Gear to Consider

Clean-up and Dishwashing

A few tools and equipment pieces are out there to help the clean-up and dishwashing portion go a bit smoother.

Organization and Storage

A huge part of your setup is storage and organization without proper storage, the convenience of cooking while camping is greatly reduced.

The key to having optimal storage is either to buy a kitchen that has it built-in or get creative. Either one works, but the latter requires a bit more work than the former.

If you buy a kitchen with a good lineup of storage compartments, the work is done for you!

If your kitchen does not have that, you need to take matters into your own hands. You can buy storage bins that will specifically fit your setup. You can also build up storage compartments that can connect to your kitchen.

What Camp Kitchen Gear do You Need First?

What you need first does depend on your budget and the type of camping you are doing. At its core, the first thing you should buy is simple pots, pans, and utensils, as well as a way to cook food.

Although the portable kitchen is one of the best tools to have in the outdoors, it could be one of the final kitchen items you invest in. If you want to do it right from the start, get this early on. But, you can absolutely make some great meals without it at the beginning.

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