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How to Rent a Van or an RV on Yescapa?

Thinking about an RV or camper van Trip? Do you want to rent a camper van? In this post, we tell you how to rent a camper van or a motorhome with Yescapa.

Yescapa is a peer-to-peer RV rental. Yescapa connects holidaymakers with local camper and RV owners across Europe through its secure platform. And it’s one of Europe’s best places to rent a camper van or RV cheap.

I tell you the whole process from rent to return. And then we tell you the advantages of traveling by motorhome and how to plan a trip. Let’s start!

How Works Yescapa RV Rentals?

If you’ve never been in a motorhome for a vacation, it’s time to consider it.

There are several motorhome rental companies, such as AutoEurope, that find motorhomes virtually worldwide.

But today, I want to talk to you about Yescapa, a collaborative economy company responsible for contacting the owners of RV and camper vans with travelers who want to rent them in Europe.

And it’s the best way to know if this type of trip you like and if it suits you before you take the step of buying one.

How to rent with Yescapa

The whole process of renting a motorhome with Yescapa is straightforward. The first thing you have to do is decide the dates of your trip and then enter the YESCAPA website and follow the rental process.

I’ll show you down here.


Do you know where you want to rent the motorhome? Put it in the box next to the days of departure and return. Click on search.

In the example, I have put that I want to rent in Malaga, Spain, from 1st to 15th July. It takes about 15 days, in one of the most expensive months of the year. So the example is much more realistic.


Once you give it a look, you will see the motorhomes and vans available for those dates.

You can use price, size, RV, or van-type filters.

You can also filter pet-friendly ones, international travel, unlimited kilometers, GPS, or certain kinds of amenities and equipment.

Once you know which van or motorhome you want to rent. Click on the image.

In this next stage, you have to put the driver data, how many kilometers of average you plan to make per day, and the rental request.

You will see the total price broke down, which also includes insurance and deposit. The whole process is very transparent with the price, and there is no hidden data or fine print.

When completing the application, you also need to include some details of your trip. For example, which countries you plan to visit during your trip, what is the reason for your trip, and finally, you have a space to leave a message to the owner.

Please note that the owner may or may not accept your rental request. For that reason, you have to give all the possible details to the owner; you have to generate trust and closeness.

The payment of the rent is made through Yescapa safely. This payment includes insurance with a franchise of 1500 euros. Each owner has the option to ask for a cash deposit to cover possible damage or accidents. In some cases, it’s 500 euros.

The platform includes a message service so you can contact the owner before traveling, so that you set the place of delivery and collection, and for any questions that may arise during the trip.

If you don’t have a Yescapa account, it’s time to create one; you can do so with your email or Facebook account.

Pick-up and drop-off of the RV or camper van

The pick-up and drop-off of the motorhome or van are agreed upon between the traveler and owner. It is one of the great advantages of renting between individuals; you are not limited to an office schedule.

After signing the contract, it’s time for the owner to take a tour of the van or motorhome. That is, it’s time to take note because they have to show you how the motorhome works:

  • How water is loaded and where
  • How the potty is emptied (black water)
  • How dirty water is emptied (grey water)
  • How the table becomes a bed
  • How to put hot water, heating, or air conditioning.
  • Where’s the fuel tank
  • Where’s the power outlet and the cable
  • How the kitchen works
  • Etc.
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Advantages of Renting a Motorhome

Traveling by motorhome or camper van has many advantages. Here I summarize mine, tell me what yours are!

  • Freedom
  • You can improvise on the fly and change your plans
  • You cover all your needs in one place: food, accommodation, rest, and hygiene. It’s like wearing a little house with wheels.
  • You can save up to 60% of your vacation expenses. You lower the costs of accommodation, transportation, and eating out.
  • You eat like at home (if you want)
  • You can rest anytime.
  • You have a lot more contact with nature and other vans (if you want)
  • It’s the best option if you’re thinking of buying one.
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How to Plan an RV trip

A motorhome trip can be planned as a road trip or a hotel holiday; only instead of in a hotel, you’ll be in a campsite or a place suitable for motorhomes or camper vans.

  • Plan in advance: the type of motorhome or van you want to rent, type of trip you want to make (road trip or the whole trip in the same place), where you will stay (campings, areas, or wild camping), make a budget, plan meals. Planning will make the most of your motorhome trip.
  • Choose who you are traveling with: think about who you will share the motorhome or van with, it is a small space, and they have to be all in harmony. Otherwise, it can be a disaster…
  • Choose a destination that the whole group likes.
  • Rent a motorhome or camper according to your preferences (and those of the group) and the budget.
  • Prepare a budget according to the type of trip you want to make
  • Check out other motorhome charges: insurance, bonds, unlimited km, etc.
  • Consider what kind of experience you want to live.
  • Book campsites or motorhome areas if necessary.
  • Search for campsites and special areas.
  • Prepare a budget for fuel.
  • Remember that driving a motorhome is not the same as a car.
  • Ask the owner or the person who rents you how the motorhome things work, but don’t stress, keep the manual handy.
  • Save money by shopping at local supermarkets and markets.
  • Enjoy the experience and tell us!

As you can see, renting a motorhome is easier than you thought. You can save money, and you’re going to enjoy yourself like a kid. I’m sure you’ll want to repeat the experience.

Plan Your Road Trip

Last Updated on 27 September, 2023 by Veronica

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Author: Veronica

Vero, a seasoned traveler, has explored 25 countries and lived in five, gaining a rich perspective and fostering an infectious passion for travel. With a heart full of wanderlust, Vero uncovers the world’s hidden gems and shares insights, tips, and planning advice to inspire and assist fellow adventurers. Join Vero and let the shared passion for travel create unforgettable memories.


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  1. Yescapa has horrible communication. Make sure you turn on delivery confirmation in your email. You will send the same information up to 4 times before they stop asking for it. I have rented from McRent and Yescapa now and even though the upfront cost was more at McRent, it is a real business with actual customer service and the ability to manage emails. Also, I agree with others that they have no desire to help the renters. Our camper listing had two fixed beds but only one on pickup. We also had rented with AC in drivers compartment since the trip was for the month of July in Germany but it was broken on pickup, no AC. We could not get ahold of Yescapa on rental pickup and we would have been stranded without a vehicle so we choice to take it as is but no support in getting any refund for the not receiving what we paid for. Their statement is that since we took the camper we accepted it as is, but what other option was available? If you rent from a real company, you could say this has an issue and then take a different one from the lot. In the case of Yescapa, there were no other campers nearby and it would have been last minute rental for 26 days meaning a huge price increase. Now the rental is over and the “extra” fees are adding up. In all, we missed 2 days of vacation dealing with maintenance issues, batter going dead, windows no working, cabinets that would not stay shut, water leaking from fresh tank, etc… and instead of getting money back we will be losing some of the deposit.

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