Outlander Filming Locations in Scotland + Map

Today, I’m going to tell you about Outlander’s sites, where the TV show based on the books of the writer Diana Gabaldon was filmed and the book’s places.

We were fortunate and visited them on a road trip through Scotland in 15 days.

If you follow the Outlander TV show, you will surely like this post, and if not, it is still a great chance to check out some beautiful castles, some of which were also used in Game of Thrones and some other movies.

Locations where Outlander was filmed in Scotland

Although Jamie wasn’t waiting for me at Castle Leoch, you can hear it in the audio guide, telling us interesting things and curiosities from the TV show.

I hope you’ve seen the first and second seasons or, like me, you’ve read all the books, if not…This is your potential Spoiler Warning!

Outlander filming locations Scotland

Lallybroch Location: filmed at Midhope Castle

Lallybroch is home to the Fraser family in Scotland. The scenes that were filmed at Midhope Castle are that of Lallybroch’s exteriors.

lallybrook - outlander

It is a small castle currently used as a warehouse for a factory a few meters away.

Although there’s not much to see in the surrounding area, you get there pretty well, just the path that takes you to Lallybroch. It is a tranquil area a few kilometers from Edinburgh.

Castle Leoch is located at Doune Castle

Castle Leoch is home to clan Mackenzie, led by Colum Mackenzie and company.

The cool thing about the visit to Doune Castle is that in addition to the explanations of the audio guide included at the entrance to the castle.

You also have explanations about the filming of the show and the person who makes the audios is Sam Heughan, the actor who plays Jamie.

castle-leoch Outlander

The castle is in ruins but brings you back to the life of the eighteenth century along with the TV show, as they had to cover the ground with sand to create the atmosphere of the time and fill the courtyard with animals.


This castle was also used in the Game of Thrones pilot as the Castle of Winterfell and in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It’s pretty close to Edinburgh, less than 70 kilometers away.

Fort William filming location: Blackness Castle

fort-william-blackness-castle - Outlander

Blackness Fortress Castle served to film the scenes of Fort William, the headquarters of Black Jack Randall. So when Jamie is arrested in Lallybroch, he’s taken to Fort William and cruelly whipped by Randall.

fort william - blackness castle - Outlander

Blackness Castle is spectacular mainly due to its fantastic location and is quite close to Edinburgh.

It was built by the Crichtons family in the 15th century and has had several uses throughout its history: it has been a castle for royalty, a prison, a place where artillery was left, and in our day, has served as a film set for Ivanhoe’s, Outlander, and Hamlet, among others.

Wentworth Prison location: Linlithgow Palace

wentworth-prison-linlithgow-palace - outlander

Wentworth Prison is where some of the toughest moments in the Outlander TV show unfold. First, Jaime is sentenced to hang and falls into the hands of Black Jack Randall.

The setting where the exteriors and corridors were filmed is in the ruins of Linlithgow Palace.

In reality, it is where the Queen of Scots, Mary Stuart, was born in 1542.

Inverness, also known as the pretty village of Falkland

To show us what Inverness was like in the 1940s, the Outlander series was filmed in Falkland, a beautiful village quite close to Edinburgh.

inverness-falkland - outlander

You can practically follow Claire’s footsteps at the beginning of the series and at some other time, but so far, I can write…

The village of Falkland is very close to Edinburgh, about 60 kilometers away, and can be reached by public transport.

The battlefield of Culloden

Some of the saddest scenes in the Outlander TV show unfold in Culloden and its surroundings.

culloden battlefield outlander

The visit to Culloden Battlefield puts your hair on edge, especially if you’ve read the book or seen the scenes from the show; it’s much easier to imagine what really happened there.

The visitor center is a must-visit. Here you can learn a little more about the real story of what happened there.

From Edinburgh

outlander holyrood-palace-edinburgh

If you’re only going to be in Edinburgh, some companies have organized tours that take you through outlander’s locations, or you can stroll on your own along the Royal Mile, The Palace of Holyrood House, etc.

For Readers of Outlander’s Books

If you have only read the Outlander saga books by the writer Diana Gabaldon, you can visit the locations mentioned in the books even if they are different in the TV show later.

Like Stirling, Fort William, Inverness, Loch Ness, and Beauly, among others. They are beautiful places to visit in Scotland.

urquhart-castle-lake-ness outlander
Urquhart Castle – Loch Ness

I had breakfast in Fort William, spent two nights in the picturesque village of Stirling, strolled through Loch Ness waiting to see the “water horse,” walked the authentic Inverness, and enjoyed the highland landscapes.

road trip in England and Scotland
Stirling Castle

Have you visited movie or TV show locations? What are your favorites?

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Outlander TV show Scotland locations

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