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What to Do in Edam and the Cheese Market?

On our road trip through The Netherlands, we took the opportunity to visit these picturesque villages that seem to come out of a fairy tale, like Edam. We were lucky enough to arrive on the day of the cheese market.

The visit was great. A fairytale village with a medieval market, it’s the perfect combination!

Edam, Edam Cheese Market

What to Do in Edam

Edam is a picturesque village located north of Volendam and 20 kilometers from Amsterdam, in an area called Laag Holland.

As you can imagine, this village is the one that gives its name to the famous Edam cheese, and we can enjoy the cheese market on eight Wednesdays a year. Below, I will tell you more about the Cheese Market, held as in the old days. 

When you get the Amsterdam City Pass, you can also get a tour around Volendam, Edam, and the windmills of Zaanse Schans. You need to make a reservation for the tour first.


How to Park in Edam?

When we arrived in Edam, we left the car in a parking lot since taking it into the town was impossible. Rent a car in The Netherlands!

To park, you need a blue parking badge sold in some kiosks or at the tourist office for 2€.

The same badge is valid for Volendam and probably for more towns in the area.

In the parking lot, you will not see machines that give you a ticket, but you will see a sign that tells you how long you have to be in the parking lot for free. Usually, it says 3 hours, but it will depend on the place.


The blue identifier sets the time you have arrived at the parking lot. If you are going to stay longer, you must go back to your car and modify the time of the identifier.

The best way to get around Edam is by bicycle or walking. We rented a bike for each of us at Ton Tweewielers.


They have bikes that are in perfect condition. Also, if you want, they have other formats, such as tandem or steppes (a kind of skateboard with big wheels).

Besides riding a bicycle, we walked a lot around town. I suggest getting a packable pair of shoes perfect for long walks like these shoes.

What to See in Edam?

Edam is a charming town that looks like something out of a fairy tale. If you arrive on the day of the market, you seem to be in the Netherlands from a couple of centuries ago.

During the tour of Edam, you will see some fascinating buildings, such as the Town Hall, whose foundation stone was laid in 1737.

Inside, you will see the council chamber. The rooms that belonged to the chief of police still remain in their original state and are currently used as a wedding hall.

If you continue your route along the water, you will see on your right the Swaen; on the other side, you will see the Edam Parish Church and a lovely historic house at pier 135.

Edam, Netherlands, Holland, Laag Holland

We continued our visit and arrived at the Edam Museum, an old merchant’s house famous for its floating warehouse cellars that glide through the water like a ship and date from 1737.

We continued walking. Past the corner of the Veestraat, we found the oldest wooden house in Edam, which is by the sculptor and architect Hendrick de Keiser from 1500.

At the end of the Grotekerkstraat is the magnificent Grote Kerk or St. Nicholas Church. Where until 1830, people were buried but then it was forbidden by Napoleon.

In front of the J. C. Brouwersgracht church, you will pass an inn from 1555 and an orphanage on your right. And a little further ahead, on your left and on the other side of the river, is the cheese market. If you go to the market during the day, it is very easy to find it because of the number of people there. You can’t miss it!

You can also book a tour of Edam, Zaanse Schans, and Volendam all in one day here

Cheese route in the Netherlands: Gouda, Edam and Alkmaar

Edam Cheese Market

During the summer months, every Wednesday in July and August, we can enjoy the recreation of the cheese market in Edam.

Edam, cheese market, Laag Holland

It is fascinating to see the market. The recreations are as it was done in the Renaissance.

Farmers took their cheeses to market during the Middle Ages to be weighed, sold, and exported worldwide.

Farmers bring their cheeses in horse-drawn carts or arrive in boats on the canals, which can be seen on market day.

Edam, cheese market, laag Holland, The Netherlands

Once the cheese arrives at the market, the cheese masters check its quality by extracting a cheese sample with a drill. Based on its quality, the price is determined.

If the price is accepted, they take the batch of cheese to the weighing house.

Edam, cheese market, laag Holland, The Netherlands

There is a cheese auction during the market, and we can buy delicious traditional Edam cheese.

There are also different stalls where you can buy food, drinks, and Edam cheese around the square.

Learn more about Edam Cheese history by visiting the Edam Cheese Museum. Buy your tickets here!

Edam, cheese market, laag Holland, The Netherlands

Where to Sleep in Edam

We slept in Volendam at the Art Hotel Spaander, the artists’ hotel, and we loved it. The hotel overlooks the sea, and the breakfast area has a lot of charm. It is thanks to this hotel and its history that Volendam became famous.

But if you want to stay in Edam, you can also do it. You can have a look at the hotels in the area. Search for different hotels in the area.

Travel Insurance

A walking tour is always the best way to enjoy the humble town of Edam, one of the safest towns in The Netherlands. But to keep ourselves worry-free from unforeseen circumstances, we got travel insurance from HeyMondo.

This link will give you 5% off your travel insurance for any Netherlands trip. You can also choose the ones that suit your budget and the days you will travel in the country. 

We would like to thank Bureau Toerisme Laag Holland for helping us on this trip and getting to know this magnificent area of the Netherlands.

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