How to Get to Mont Saint Michel from Paris

Once you have explored Paris, exploring the rest of the country is a good idea. Mont Saint Michel is the second most visited place in France, after, you can imagine, the Eiffel Tower. It is also straightforward to reach from Paris.

Thanks to the extensive train network, it is easy to travel from Paris to other attractions in France. The Abbey of Mont St. Michel St. Michel is located off the coast of Normandy and is one of France’s most recognizable landmarks.

It is located about 350 km from Paris, and the easiest (and more affordable) solution is to go by train. Take the train at the Montparnasse train station and buy your tickets in advance on ShareATrain. This online tool is perfect for planning your trip.

The train ride will take approximately two hours to reach Rennes, and from there, you can take a bus that will take about one hour to get to Mont St Michel.

As it is located a short distance from Paris, it is a perfect way to spend the day, as long as you plan your trip well.

The Mont-Saint-Michel is famous worldwide, and it is a must to experience it firsthand.

Mont Saint Michel, of Normandy, France under cloudy bright blue skies

How to Get to Mont Saint Michel by Train

The easiest way to get to Mont St Michel from Paris is to take a direct train to Rennes, a beautiful French city (capital of Brittany) worth a visit.

Tip: if you have time, you can spend a day in Rennes, stay there, and in the morning take the train to Mt-St-Michel.

Line of multilevel houses in the Old Town of Rennes, a place to stay when getting to Mont Saint Michel from Paris
Old Town in Rennes

Paris to Rennes by Train + Bus to Mont Saint Michel

The train from Paris to Rennes departs from Paris Montparnasse station and arrives in Rennes in 2 hours and 5 minutes.

After getting off the train in Rennes, you can take a shuttle bus (Keolis) direct from Rennes to Mont St Michel for about 15 €.

Its timetable is by the arrival time of Paris trains so that you don’t have to wait long.

For example, for the train arriving in Rennes at 9:14 a.m., the bus leaves Rennes station at 9:40 am.

Bus tickets can also be purchased online, at the Rennes train station, or on the bus.

There is also a train from Rennes to Pontorson Mont St Michel, but this 2-train route also requires a shuttle bus from Pontorson Mt-Saint-Michel so it will take you much longer.

Check the timetable online for more information about the bus service from Rennes to Mont Saint-Michel bus from Rennes to Mont St Michel.

Mont Saint Michel tower in Normandy, France under clear blue skies

Train Paris to Pontorson + Bus to Mont Saint Michel

Options to reach Pontorson, the closest Station to Mont-Saint-Michel. It can be accessed through the following train lines:

  • Trains from Paris Saint-Lazare to Caen, then TER train from Caen to Pontorson, then shuttle bus from Pontorson to Mont St Michel.
  • Trains from Paris Montparnasse to Granville, get off at Folligny, and take another train to Pontorson, then the shuttle bus from Pontorson to Mont-Saint-Michel.
  • Trains from Paris Montparnasse to Pontorson and then the shuttle bus from Pontorson to Mont-Saint-Michel.
  • Pontorson – shuttle bus Mont St Michel.

Ask if it is necessary to wear a mask on board. Currently, it is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

Mont St Michel, Normandy, France

NOTE: As part of the new welcome framework implemented in Mont-Saint-Michel, a direct shuttle bus will take you from the Pontorson train station to Mont St Michel.

It stops at Pontorson, Beauvoir, the village of Mont-Saint-Michel (formerly La Caserne), the commercial area located on the mainland, just before the town of Mont St Michel: getting off at this stop, you can visit the dam or have a bite to eat.

Getting to Mont Saint Michel with a Tour

You can also plan a day or weekend trip from Paris to Mont St Michel. The experience is worth it.

Mont St Michel, Normandy, France

However, starting early and planning things well is necessary to make the most of your trip.

You can book a full-day tour with a tour company, and the best part is that you don’t have to drive or be afraid of getting lost in a train station.

As these tours include a guide, you get information about the areas you pass through. However, you can rent a car if you prefer more freedom and space. Please note that the trip would take about four hours each way.

Several day trips and guided tours are an excellent way to explore Mont St. Michel. Michel.

Check here for guided tours and book in advance. These tours from Paris sell out quickly in high season.

You can travel from Paris to Mont St. Michel. and return in an air-conditioned bus at night.

Once you reach the shores of Normandy, you can explore the magical town of Mont St Michel, visit the famous abbey and admire its architecture.

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