Best things to do in Pont-l’Abbé, Brittany Road Trip

Pont-l’Abbé is one of the places we visited on the road trip through French Brittany.

This town is part of art and history cities and historic cities, in French: “Villes d’Art et Histoire et Villes Historiques”.

In today’s post, I want to tell you what to see and do in Pont-l’Abbé. What are the must-see places you need to know and some close visits you can make?

Visits Pont-l’Abbé in Brittany

Pont-l’Abbé is a small but very picturesque town. Park near the inhabited bridge, there’s usually room, and from there, you take a walk quietly.

The church of Lambour

It depends where you park your car; this may be the first visit or the last one.

This church was built in the 13th century, and during the 1675 revolt, they toppled the Belltower. So today we can see its ruins, which you can visit all year.

The port and the inhabited bridge

During century XVIII and XIX, the port of Pont-l’Abbé was a vital commercial place. Here the grain, fish, and potatoes were exported, and the wine, salt, and spices were imported.

Today we can see some boats, mostly recreational. But it’s a very nice place to take a walk and see the city’s inhabited bridge. The bridge is one of the nine inhabited bridges in France.

pont-l'Abbé, Brittany, France

Le Chateau des Barons du Pont

This castle is built between the 13th and 14th centuries to serve as a fortress to the Baroness du Pont.

In 1675, a revolt called “the revolt of the hats where the inhabitants were protesting against the new tax hike. As a result, they destroyed and burned the castle.

In the early 18th century, the main building was rebuilt. During the revolution, it used as a prison, and today is the Town Hall of Pont-l’Abbé and the Bigouden Museum.

The monument to the Bigoudens of Pont-l’Abbé

This work of granite and bronze by Francois Bazin won the National Prize in 1929. This work represents 4 women and a girl: grandmother, mother, sister, daughter, and the young daughter, the five ages of life.

They’re thinking about their children, siblings, husbands, and grandchildren, who fight the storms in the sea.

On the sides, you’ll see two low bronze reliefs illustrating scenes of Celtic mythology.

monument to the Bigoudens, Pont-l'Abbé, Brittany, France

The Church of Notre Dame des Carmes

The Church of Notre Dame des Carmes (Our Lady of the Carmelites) is the former chapel Carmelite convent founded in 1383 by Baron Hervé IV Du Pont and his wife Péronnelle de Rochefort.

Who appealed to the religious of the order of the Mount Carmel to instruct and catechize the people in his domain.

It is built a convent, a cloister, and a church; the works were completed in 1411.

In 1792, the convent and the cloister were sold as national property, and the church is becoming a parish. In 1879, the city bought the convent to convert it into a school. In 1880 the cloister was demolished, located in the southern area.

pont l' abbe, Brittany, francia

Please pay attention to the bell tower of 1603 and its 15th-century rose window.

After visit the church, go down Church Street (Rue de l’Eglise) and walk a little bit through the streets Pasteur, Marceau, Château, des Carmes…

Gambetta Square and Republic Square

These two squares were important places of commerce in Pont-l’Abbé. and they still nowadays. , every Thursday, the largest market in the region takes place here.

What to see near Pont-l’Abbé

Near Pont-l’Abbé there are very cool places to visit. Unfortunately, we only saw the lighthouse of Eckmel because we’re running out of time. But you can continue the visit, and you tell us your experiences.

  • Lighthouse of Elckmel, climb its steps and contemplate the view from the heights. Walk the coast to St. Guénolé. Don’t forget to try the sweet crepes, they are typical of this area.
Elckmel Lighthouse, Brittany, France
  • Le Guilvinec. It’s very interesting to go to the port when the fishermen come back.
  • Lesconil. If you go on a stormy day, it’s great for watching the waves break against the locks.
  • Ile-Tudy, ideal for a bike ride.

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