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Best Things to Do in Aberdeen in 1 day. The Granite City

Aberdeen, The Granite City north-east of Scotland, will surprise you. Many travelers visiting Scotland pass by and do not even include this area on their journey.

But we certainly loved it, the people we met there were wonderful, and the surrounding area was worth a visit.

When to Travel to Aberdeen?

Aberdeen 1-day itinerary

T.he best date to go, not only because of the weather, is in June and July. In these months, the port of Portsoy is filled with classic ships during a festival called the Scottish Traditional Boat Festival.

If you like whiskey, you must go in September; there is the Dufftown whiskey and a lively music festival.

Suppose you want to spend a different New Year’s Eve. In that case, you must travel during Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) and watch the fireball ceremony at Stonehaven, which is very close to Dunnottar Castle. And you get there very easily by car, by the way.

What to See in Aberdeen in a Day?

Dunnottar Castle - Castles of Scotland

Aberdeen is a very prosperous Scottish city with a lot of history. Before turning to oil, it had a significant commercial and fishing port. Romans have come here, and the Vikings have ransacked it.

In the nineteenth century, Aberdeen manufactured paper, rope, textiles, wool, and furs and became the main fishing center of herring.

Since 1970, it has been engaged in the marine oil industry and is the least unemployed city in the country. It is certainly a city of entrepreneurial people who do not stand still.

The city of Aberdeen could be divided into four areas: the town center “Castlegate,” Old Aberdeen, the beach, and the harbor. In each of these areas, we will have interesting things to visit.

The city center

What to see in aberdeen mercat cross

In Aberdeen’s city center, you have to stroll around Union Street, the main street, to see Victorian granite buildings.

  • Castlegate is the oldest area, and the castle that Robert Bruce snatched from the English was here. The password was “Bon Accord,” today, it is the city’s motto.
  • Mercat Cross was where the old heart of the city was. Here, kings were proclaimed, and you will see the sculpted portraits of the Stuart monarchs. In 1715, this was the place where “the old Pretender,” James Stuart, was declared king, making it a crucial place for the Jacobites.
  • Salvation Army Citadel, a few meters from Mercat Cross, we find this granite giant that was designed as a balmoral castle. It was known as Aberdeen Castle until it was destroyed in 1308. It is now a Protestant church and an international charity. More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Salvation_Army
  • Near Provost Skene’s House, in front of St. Nicholas Church. we found the house of Sir George Skene, which was the “provost” of the city, and would become something of a mayor. This house built in 1545 has undergone several modifications. Today, it is a local history museum and can be visited for free.
  • St Nicholas Church. The official name is “Kirk of St Nicholas Uniting” although it is also known as “The Mither Kirk.” The first document on the church is from 1157, which implies the age of the building, but it has undergone many modifications over the centuries. For example, the granite needle dates back to the 19th century.
to see in aberdeen robert bruce
  • St Mary’s Chapel. It’s got a bit of an ominous past. It was built in 1400 and in 1597 a metal ring was placed on the wall to chain the alleged witches. 23 women and 1 man were held there before they were executed.
  • Aberdeen Maritime Museum. Here you will find a three-story museum with the maritime history of the city of Aberdeen and about the oil industry. It is located in a replica of a North Sea oil rig. It can be visited for free.
  • Marischal College. It is a historic Gothic-style building that was founded in 1593 and merged with King’s College (founded in 1495) in 1860 to create the University of Aberdeen. It is currently home to the Aberdeen City Council.

Old Aberdeen

Its name may lead to confusion as it derives from the Gaelic word “Aulton,” meaning riverside village, but the name has derived from standing for Old Town over the centuries. But let’s be clear, the Castlegate area is the oldest in town.

You must see King’s College Chapel, Old Town House, and St. Machar Cathedral here.

Tell me, do you know Aberdeen? What are your recommendations for a future traveler?

How to Get to Aberdeen?

  • By plane: The most normal way to get to Aberdeen is by plane; cheap flights depart from different places in Spain and other places. If you are going to stay in Aberdeen for a weekend, you can rent a car to explore the surroundings. You shouldn’t miss The Dunnottar Castle, which is about 60km away.
  • You can also get to Edinburgh or Glasgow by plane, rent a car and go road trip.
  • By car: We arrived by car in Aberdeen as part of our road trip through England and Scotland.

In our case, we came from Inverness, touring the Speyside, more or less following the whiskey route and visiting amazing castles.

Plan Your Trip to Scotland

Best places to visit in Aberdeen

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