Moulin Rouge Show in Paris

The Moulin Rouge is the most famous cabaret in Paris. It was built in the late 19th century and is located at the foot of the Montmartre in the Pigalle district, in Paris’s red zone.

Moulin Rouge in Paris, everything you need to know

What is Cabaret?

Cabaret is a show of varieties that combine scants such as dancing, magic, singing, has a high erotic content, and usually develops in a small place to direct contact with the artist.

Moulin Rouge of Paris, France

A little bit of History

The Moulin Rouge was inaugurated during the “Belle Epoque”. This period spans from the last decades of the 19th century until the first world war.

The inauguration of the Moulin Rouge (Red Mill) coincides with an era of major changes in Europe.

It was the beginning of the Eiffel Tower’s construction, it marks the beginning of the Impressionist movement, and many artists frequented this type of venue.

An exponent of the French art that was immortalized with creating the French inauguration of the Moulin Rouge is Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

There were also regulars of this cabaret, such as Oscar Wilde and the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, who were Lautrec’s friends.

Watch a show at the Moulin Rouge

Today, when you travel to Paris, you can visit the Moulin Rouge. Many visit it just on the outside, and they take pictures of the facade with the famous mill.

Others seek to enjoy the Parisian night with a show at the Moulin Rouge.

To enjoy a cabaret show, you have to buy tickets to the Moulin Rouge in advance. In our experience, if you go in high season, you have to make the reservation with months, especially if you want dinner more show.

Depending on where you buy your ticket, you’re going to see that you have different packages, with different prices. For example:

Moulin Rouge of Paris, France

How much it costs Ticket

The price of the ticket changes depending on what you choose. For example, watching the show with a bottle of champagne at 23:00 hours is 107€

Dinner and show at the most famous cabaret in Paris: 180 euros.

As you can see, there are many ways to enjoy a show here. First, the ticket price starts at 87€ euros, and from there it increases as you add the extras.

How to do the Reservation

Bookings can be found online; it’s my recommendation. Because as I told you above, tickets sell out, especially in high season.

When you know about your travel dates, buy tickets online. If your trip is unexpected, you can try going to the ticket office for at least half an hour before the show starts. That’s improvising!

Book your Moulin Rouge tickets

How to dress for the Moulin Rouge?

A question that frequently comes up when one plans to see a show at Moulin Rouge is How do I dress!?

Do not worry too much, because the dress is formal, but you don’t have to go over the top with a Suit and Tie.

That said, keep in mind you can’t get into shorts, sneakers, nor sportswear.

Once inside the place, an usher will accompany you to your site. Keep in mind that you are forbidden to take photos and videos inside. If you want, you can try it, but the staff are usually watching and can get your attention.

If you want a photo, an official photographer walks through the tables and offers their services; the photo costs around 20 euros.

Moulin Rouge of Paris, France

The Pigalle area: the red light district of Paris

Pigalle area, the red light district of Paris, has as its main street the Boulevard de Clichy, which then continues to Rochechouart Boulevard, and its center is Pigalle Square.

The nightlife in this neighborhood is super lively, and you’re going to be able to find clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, theatres…

It is between sectors 9 and 18, and that means that in this neighborhood is also Montmartre hill, the Sacre Coeur, and a whole other world where you get to meet artists, find hidden corners and discover new places.

The “So-Pi” comes from saying “South Pigalle” is the southern part of this neighborhood where one can find nightclubs, sex shops, mythical nightclubs, and new fashionable bars.

But you can’t just enjoy this neighborhood at night; you also have many things to do during the day if you want.

Museum of Romantic Life

We recommend you visit the museum of romantic life that is located in the house of the painter Ary Scheffer, which is from the year 1830 during the romantic era.

A well-known painter that used to receive famous musicians and writers of the time. The access is free.

We would also recommend you visit the museum of eroticism. What better than the neighborhood in which Moulin Rouge is located for such a museum! But by misfortune has definitely closed.


If you want nightlife, then you have a huge offer besides the visit to Moulin Rouge, then you can go for a drink at Le Carmen, with classic architecture and high ceilings.

Or you can go to mythical halls such as the concert hall and la Cigale shows Pigalle Follies nightclub in Pigalle square itself.

If what you want is to know the neighborhood of artists such as Van Gogh or Toulouse Lautrec, then you’ll have to climb the slopes of Montmartre Hill.

You can visit the Place du Tertre, with its famous stairs down to Rue Gabrielle, riddled with painters and artists who sell their works and filled with terraces where you can have a drink or dinner.

You can also pay a stop to the Sacre Coeur from which you can admire Paris while listening to the music played by street artists or improvised.

It is an incredible neighborhood, full of history, life, and that Parisian atmosphere that makes it so special. We really hope you enjoy it as we did.

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Moulin Rouge, everything you need to know

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