How to Travel by Van to Morocco from Spain

Getting from Spain to Morocco is quite easy. Especially since there are many flights to Morocco, including a relatively new direct flight from Malaga to Tangier.

However, taking the ferry from Spain to Morocco is the only option if you want to travel with your car or camper van.

Morocco is full of colorful, charming villages, rich gastronomy, and activities for every type of traveler.

Let yourself be enchanted by this ancient culture; fill your van, and I’ll tell you how to get to Morocco from Spain with your van by ferry in a few easy steps.

travel to Morocco by van

How to Arrive by Ferry to Morocco

Morocco is not far from Spain: the Strait of Gibraltar is only about 15 km at its narrowest part. On sunny days you can even see Morocco on the horizon!

But, although it is close, unfortunately, there is still no bridge. So, to travel in your van or motorhome, you only have one option to get there: by sea.

This means boarding a ferry. Getting your ferry ticket from Spain to Morocco (and vice versa) with your vehicle is very easy.

There are many different operators and routes, although you have to pay attention that not all of them accept camper vans, and then there is a great variety of prices.

In today’s post, I will share with you the information about getting there by ferry to Morocco with Direct Ferries. It is one of the most reliable companies; they have reasonable prices and, of course, they accept to take your van.

Ports of Departure from Spain and the UK to Morocco

  • Algeciras, Spain
  • Tarifa, Spain
  • Gibraltar, UK

Ports of arrival Morocco and Spain

  • Ceuta, Spain
  • Tangier, Morocco
Popular Ferry Operators for Morocco

How to Buy Your Ticket

Buying your ticket is simple, and the website is intuitive and easy to use. First, you must choose the port of departure, the port of arrival, and the date.

Then click on the Book Now button. You will be taken to a new window where you will have to indicate the number of passengers, the type of vehicle you are traveling with, and if you are bringing a pet and bicycle.

Once you have these data complete, click on continue. Now it’s time to choose which boat and category you want to go on.

FRS Iberia ferry Operator

The trip takes only 1.30 hours, so I would choose the cheapest one or the one that best suits my departure time.

For my example, the price is $363.80. This includes two passengers and a motor home.

Once you choose, click on the book and fill in the passenger and vehicle information. And that’s it.

As you can see, the process is straightforward; it is practically the same as booking a flight, except you have to include the details of your car or van, and when you arrive, you have your own vehicle to get to know the country.

Arriving at the Port

It is usually recommended to arrive two hours early at the port to check-in. We arrived at least an hour earlier every time we traveled by ferry with our van or car.

Waiting and controls

In the previous point, I recommended you arrive early is the best thing to do. But then you will have to wait until they start checking tickets and boarding.

The wait can be two hours, so download a few chapters of your favorite series to make the wait more bearable.

Some Recommendations for Ferry Travel

As it is such a short trip, I have no special recommendations to make to you. However, remember that if you bring pets, you are not allowed to take them with you on the ship, and you cannot go to your vehicle until you disembark.

So carrying a backpack with snacks, water, money, phone, charger, etc., is a good idea.

Enter Morocco with your van

The first thing that happens after the ferry arrives at the docks is that cars and trucks begin to disembark. From this point on, you must follow the signs or the line of cars or vans in front of you.

After a few minutes, you will reach a large square with 2 signs: Moroccan and foreign vehicles. You must go to the foreign vehicle lane to complete the temporary registration of your vehicle.

Marrakech palm grove

Vehicle Registration

This process occurs simultaneously with the validation of your passport and stamp by the police and customs control of the van.

It is not very difficult; you will only be asked to show your papers, including your insurance stuff. Staff members usually speak French quite well and a little English.

Please don’t do like us who forgot our van papers when we went to Ireland. Luckily, as it is within the EU, we were not asked for anything when arriving or leaving France.


First, if you have a drone, don’t take it to Morocco. It is prohibited and will be taken away from you.

When it is your turn to be checked, a customs officer will carry out the corresponding control.

Recommendation: Leave Spain with a full tank of fuel in your van. Because depending on the port you arrive at, finding a gas station can take about 30km.

Must-have items to carry in your van

  1. You must carry your valid passport and the insurance of the van.
  2. Download Park4night to find places to sleep beyond campgrounds.
  3. Bring water, and once in Morocco, if you see a place to empty and fill water, do it!
  4. Bring water purifier tablets.
  5. Carry a puncture kit, inflator, and tools (just in case).
  6. Don’t forget the spare tire.
  7. Have internet, contract it from your country or buy a SIM card in Morocco.
  8. Wear appropriate clothing; in some places, you cannot enter in shorts (neither men nor women).
  9. Travel with two gas bottles (depending on the days and time of the year, you may want to carry only one).
  10. Carry cash and a Wise card to withdraw money during your trip without commissions.
  11. Don’t forget your first aid kit.
  12. Take travel insurance for you and your van (the latter is mandatory, and the former is recommended for all your trips).
Souk of Marrakech

13 Must-Visit Places in Morocco

Depending on the time you have to travel in Morocco, you can take a longer or shorter route. And enjoy this magnificent country in a camper van.

  • Asilah, on the Atlantic coast
  • Merzouga desert
  • Todra Valley
  • Essaouira
  • Chefchaouen
  • Marrakech
  • Casablanca
  • Atlas Mountains
  • The Oasis of Skoura
  • Valley of Roses
  • Rabat
  • Meknes
  • Fes

Are you ready for your trip to Morocco by van?

Plan Your Trip to Morocco

Travel to Morocco By Van from Spain

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