Amphawa Floating Market, Thailand

There are places in the world that leave an impression, and the Amphawa floating market in Thailand is one of them. I could see everything from the most shameless luxury to the most absolute misery.

I made an excursion to the Amphawa floating market, about 80 kilometers from Bangkok.

We took a van arranged by the guide we had hired. We leave early in the morning and head out to visit the Amphawa floating market.

To get there, you must hire a boat that takes you through canals that run through the closest thing I have ever known to a jungle.

Thailand, amphawa floating market, photography tricks
An ordinary day at the floating market in Amphawa, Thailand.

Visit Amphawa Floating Market

The truth is that it imposes that we are not used to this type of vegetation.

It is easy to get there by boat. You travel through the canals to the port for quite a while, I would say about half an hour or so, although I don’t remember it well.

As you go along the canals, you find shacks, authentic shacks where people live badly, on both sides of the canal, and next to them, as if it were nothing, beautiful, newly built houses.

Thailand, amphawa floating market
Newly built houses in the canals of Amphawa, Thailand.

I had the opportunity to take a few photos, although I would have liked to show the contrast with just one. As we progressed along the canal, constructions appeared more and more regularly until they became continuous.

The Amphawa floating market dates back to at least the 18th century and was originally an indoor market that took advantage of the canals to transport goods more quickly.

Thailand, fruit raft, amphawa floating market, photography tricks
Raft with fruits at the floating market in Amphawa, Thailand.

Today it is a center of tourist attraction that has allowed the inhabitants of this region to significantly improve their living conditions and income compared to the needs of 20 or 30 years ago.

You will see a market with an intense life, where you cannot walk 5 meters without bargaining for an article or that they come to you to show you their floating showcase.

Thailand, floating tent, amphawa market
Floating tents in Amphawa market, Thailand.

You can find everything from fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, clothing, gift items, luxury imitations, etc. Remember to carry a large backpack, like the Shell one, to hold everything you want or buy.

It is not advisable to eat anything that is not well cooked, nor to drink water that is not bottled.

If you have touched river water, wash your hands thoroughly before eating anything. Better be careful!

Some boats carry a stove and prepare the food on the spot. I liked it.

I can’t say the same for other travelers. What is certain is that these are cultures where people eat what they have hunted or caught during the day. I was calm in that sense. Be more careful with water.

It is undoubtedly a place that, from my point of view, has benefited from tourism and what it entails without having lost its essence.

The people are very friendly and welcome tourists and travelers with a smile. I had the opportunity to chat with some people who spoke some English. They quickly gain confidence and live up to the hospitality they boast.

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Have you been there? Leave me your comments!

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Amphawa floating market

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