The Most Beautiful Villages in South France (Part 2)

Today, I bring you the second part of the most beautiful villages in the south of France. Although I sincerely hope to increase this list with more awesome villages.

On our road trip along the French Cote d’Azur, we visited some villages listed as the most beautiful in France and others that recommended us along the way, which may not be within this official category. But they are nice to our taste!

Olargue Pueblos mas bonitos de francia, sur de francia, pueblos más bonitos del sur de francia


Olargues is a village located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region on the banks of the Jaurés River.

This beautiful village has a long history as it was home to Romans and Visigoths, has suffered sieges, and almost became unpopulated.

Of the villages that we have visited, this could be the largest, and despite this, it is a village that has managed to save its medieval charm and its very quiet and beautiful streets.

Olargue Pueblos mas bonitos de francia, sur de francia, costa azul

We were lucky enough to arrive at the time when the cherry blossoms were blossoming; it is a very characteristic tree of the village and very beautiful.

Don’t forget to stop by its famous 12th-century Devil’s Bridge.

Saint Guilhem le Desert

Saint Guilhem le Desert is a medieval village where time has stopped, and you can enjoy its streets and landscape without traffic since the cars have to be parked outside, in the places enabled for it.

Saint Guillem le Desert, pueblos mas bonitos del sur de francia.

It is one of the villages we visited that I liked the most; I don’t know if it was raining and gave it a special atmosphere or because it is tucked into a valley surrounded by green mountains or both at the same time!

The truth that it is a very nice, quiet village, ideal to have a drink and walk its medieval streets with tranquility, even if it rains!

Gassin, one of the most beautiful villages in France

To this beautiful medieval village, we arrived in the morning and enjoyed it almost on our own, although it looks like it receives many visitors. When we were leaving, the parking lot was filling up.

Gassin pueblos mas bonitos francia

The village of Gassin is charming, and like the previous two, it belongs to the most beautiful villages in France.

Gassin is a village with narrow and steep streets; you can walk with total tranquility since you can not find vehicles inside.

Gassin pueblos mas bonitos francia

From this beautiful village, you can see St. Tropez Bay (the next stop on the South of France road trip).

If you want to stay and sleep in Gassin, you can do it at Hotel Bello Visto, which has fantastic views!

Saint Agnes

A few kilometers from Monaco is the picturesque village of Saint Agnes. It is located almost on the border with Italy, and you can even see Italy on good weather days.

Saint Agnes pueblos mas bonitos francia

In Saint Agnes, we arrived at lunchtime, a little late for the French schedule, a day that was quite cloudy. We ate at Le Saint Yves, a very quaint family restaurant serving delicious French food.

Then we went for a walk to “burn” all the food.

Besides being very nice, this village has a fort of the Maginot Line, when we arrived it was closed, but you can visit it.

In Saint Agnes, you can stay in a charming places such as Gite Au Coeur Du Chalet in Belledonne vers Prapoutel Les 7 Laux.

Grasse, the Perfume Capital

On the Côte d’Azur of France, we visit Grasse, known as the international perfume capital. It was part of the southern road trip to France in 10 days.

They say there are 200 perfumers in the world and that 40 are in Grasse!

In addition to perfumes, Grasse is a 7th-century medieval town with palaces, narrow alleys, a cathedral, etc. Therefore, it is best to get carried away and tour Grasse in no hurry.

You can visit the Fragonard Museum and the International Perfumery Museum until 6 pm.

I’m sure you already know it, or you’ve imagined it. Grasse is where Grenouille travels, the protagonist of “The Perfume,to create the perfect fragrance.

Do you want to stay in the perfume capital? You can do it in La Bellaudiere, a renovated 16th-century house with beautiful views.

Eze, a Stunning Medieval Village

Éze is a pretty French town located on one of the mountains of the French Maritime Alps. Situated between Nice and Monte Carlo, it is a highly recommended place to visit and explore its charming cobblestone streets.

Visitors have nicknamed it the “hanging” town as it is 429 meters high and sits just off the coast.

It is located on top of a cliff and has panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Cote d’Azur. In addition, Eze itself is a fantastic lookout.

Eze pueblos mas bonitos sur de francia

Tell me, do you like medieval villages too? What’s your favorite? Here’s the link to the association of the most beautiful villages in France to take a look at it.

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