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How to Get Around Barcelona: Tourist Bus, Metro, and Walking

Do you want to know how to get around Barcelona? What kind of transport to use during your trip?

In this post, I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the different transportation forms that move around Barcelona.

Barcelona is an amazing city that I love! It has everything!  This diverse city has beautiful and unique art, culture, history, and beaches, among other things.

How to Get Around Barcelona

Barcelona is a huge city, some of the distances between the sights are short enough to walk to and from, but not all.

For this reason, on my last visit, which was 4 days in the “Condal” city, my modes of transport were the Tourist Bus and walking.

View of the Sagrada Familia from the park in front, Barcelona, how to move around Barcelona

How to Get Around Barcelona

There are many factors to consider when choosing your mode of transportation.

I believe that your visit’s length, how well you know the city, your physical condition, and/or the places you want to visit are all important factors that you should consider since some means of transport will better fit your plan to move around Barcelona than others. Let’s start?

Walking Through Barcelona

how to get around Barcelona

Walking is usually my favorite way to tour a city, but in cities the size of Barcelona, with so many things to see and know, it gets a little difficult to visit it solely through walking.

Mostly because you will spend a lot of time going back and forth, in the end, you will end up exhausted if you want to visit everything only by walking.

So the idea is to walk and use one of the means of transport that the city provides.

Obviously, if you are only going to visit Barcelona’s center, you have to visit the Gothic quarter, walking can be the only method used to move around.

However, depending on where you stay in Barcelona, going to Park Guell will take you a while.


The bicycle is a fantastic means of getting to know cities and towns. We toured Amsterdam and other Dutch cities by bike and loved the experience.

Barcelona is quite adapted for cycling and has many kilometers of bike paths that are continuously expanding.

Plus, it’s a pretty flat city, so you don’t need to be in shape to choose the bike option. If not, you can opt for the electric bike, which makes your job much easier and can be rented just as easily as a regular bike.

You can also take two-and-a-half-hour bike tours to see if you like cycling around the city, and you could even rent one for the rest of your trip.

Visit the Park Guell of Barcelona, how to move around Barcelona

Public Transportation (Metro or Bus)

Public transport is one of the best options to get around Barcelona. The subway is the fastest way to get from one point to another.

However, it has a couple of disadvantages; first, you miss the city, that is, you’re only going to see tunnels on your visit, and you might miss out on the beautiful sights the city offers.

Furthermore, I think that the tickets are a little expensive unless you buy a bonus. If not, a ticket costs 2.2 euros each way!

What options do you have to make public transport cheaper in Barcelona? Well, you can choose one of the following two options:

One is to buy the Hello BCN card! It includes unlimited use of public transportation in Barcelona (metro, city buses, railways of the Generalitat of Zone 1, etc.).

The price is 15 euros per person for two days. You can also buy it for three, four, or five days.

The other option is to get the Barcelona Card, which in addition to including the use of unlimited public transport (for the days contracted), also includes the entrance to 7 attractions:

  • Picasso Museum
  • Museum of Art of Catalonia
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona
  • Joan Miró Foundation
  • Museum of Modernism in Barcelona
  • Egyptian Museum of Barcelona
  • King’s Square Museum

This card also includes the train that reaches Barcelona airport, discounts, and the option to skip queues.

Art at Casa Batllo, an arm with bouquet of red roses coming out of a red barrel, like moving around Barcelona

Official Tourist Bus

Barcelona’s “Bus Turistic” is a very comfortable way to get to know the city and the places of greatest interest.

The official tourist bus was my means of transport on my last visit to Barcelona. I will inform you about its advantages and how it works.

How does the hop on hop off bus work?

You have 3 different routes that you can choose from with the Turistic Bus of Barcelona.

They cover all of the city’s points of interest and you can choose all three with the same ticket. It is a very comfortable way to move around Barcelona.

It works effortlessly; once you have the bus ticket, you can use it for one or two consecutive days (depending on your purchase mode).

During this time you can get on and off these buses as many times as you want.

For example, you can go up with the blue line in the Plaza de Catalunya and get off at Casa Batlló.

Then, you can continue walking to the Pedrera, which is very close (or take the same bus), get back on the bus, and visit the Sagrada Familia.

The Park Guell is also in this line, as well as many other attractions.

Where to buy the tourist bus ticket?

The ticket for the tourist bus can be purchased here. The price is 30 euros per adult for one day and 40 for two days (It is free for children under 4 years old).

If you think about buying the Barcelona Pass, this pass includes free access to more than 20 attractions. Among them, the most popular are:

As you can see, this card also includes the Turistic Bus. As previously stated, this gives you the possibility to skip the queues and provides discounts in restaurants, shows, and shops throughout Barcelona.

The price is 109 euros per person for two days. But, of course, you can also buy it for 3 or 4 days!

What are the advantages of Barcelona’s tourist bus?

The advantages of touring Barcelona on the Turistic Bus are the following:

  • This bus has 3 different routes that cover practically the entire city and the most important points of interest.
  • The top floor is roofless so you can enjoy the views of the city.
  • There is an audio guide in several languages, where they comment on the bus’s places.
  • It is a very comfortable way to move around the city. You do not get lost and have to decide where you want to get off.

So tell me, what’s your favorite way to get around the cities you visit?

Plan Your Trip to Barcelona

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