Visit Cologne and its Wonders

Germany has more than a hundred cities that are beautiful and worth visiting, but, without a doubt, Cologne is one of those cities that you’ll fall in love with. Its many churches, the green areas, and its beautiful old town make this city a real wonder.

The best things to do in Cologne

And speaking of wonders, there are many wonders that one cannot miss. Cologne is not just a place where you can enjoy international events, such as football matches where fans of the German team have enjoyed nights against Barcelona, one of the best teams of the first division, or musical offers such as the Summerjam Festival, one of the biggest reggae festivals in Europe held at the Fuhlinger See and offer its best concerts for three days.

But apart from this kind of event, this city also offers culture and history.

Cologne Cathedral

Just magnificent. It’s impressive and speechless. It has more than 150m high, it’s a Gothic-style cathedral.

The construction began in the 13th century and ended in the 19th century, it is among the three largest cathedrals in the world and impresses and fascinates with the naked eye, starting with its worked facades and ending with the vivid and detailed mosaics of crystals inside.

Deservedly for this reason its designation as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity UNESCO since 1996.

Cologne Cathedral and bridge

The Rheinauhafen

The Cologne port walkway is the ideal place to take a walk on the banks of the Rhine River, to less than 10 minutes walk from the old town and where many meet, especially with the arrival of good weather, to have a drink with friends, to do sport or just to air ideas.

Christmas markets

Pure fantasy, cozy and magical, which makes you feel like a fairy tale. From the end of November to early January, there are dozens of Christmas markets scattered throughout the city, where you can find everything. In the markets, you can find jewelry, home decoration, which are usually handmade by local traders.

And of all, the flea markets are the ideal place to take a super tasty Glühwein (hot red spicy wine ) and a Bratwurst, both very typical in Germany and also delicious.

The Rheinpark

Urban park of 40 hectares that borders the Rhine River, between the districts of Deutz and M’lheim, which in good weather becomes the perfect place to meet with family or friends, since, among other things, it has a beach club and an outdoor theater.

Anyway, we could name a thousand and one qualities of this city and all that it has to offer and we would not finish, and that is that Cologne is undoubtedly a city of wonders.

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Best things to do in Cologne
what to do in Cologne, Germany

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