First Impressions of the Trip to Peru

After a few days around here, I will tell you about my first impressions of the trip to Peru. I am writing this post after visiting Machu Picchu, resting from the soreness that I got from going up and down many steps and slopes.

These days I’ve done a little bit of everything. I started in Lima, then Paracas and Ica, Nasca (Nazca), and, after a lot of hours by bus I arrived in Cusco, I visited the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, etc…

Impressions to the trip to Peru, Lima

My First Impressions of the Trip to Peru

Peruvian Punctuality

I arrived in Lima on February 2nd, it was hot as hell and there was 100% humidity. I had arranged with the hotel to transport me from the airport so as not to have any problems.

This is where I started to know Peruvian punctuality, hehehe. The plane arrived an hour late and the taxi driver had not yet arrived!!!

A friend told me more or less how much a cab would cost me. I started asking the taxi drivers what price they were charging to go to Miraflores and I chose the cheapest one.

When I was halfway to the hotel, I received a call that the original transport from the hotel was at the airport!

They drive like crazy people!

My first experience with Peruvian driving was with the airport taxi driver. He was a very nice man, but he was driving like a madman, he must have jumped like 7 red lights, the continuous lines did not exist, and on top of that, everyone was honking all the time!!!

But in the end, you get used to it! I haven’t seen any car accidents so far during the trip.

They have spectacular landscapes

On the tour I have on these days, I have come across some amazing landscapes. From an oasis in the desert, to snowy mountaintops or lush vegetation, it looks like you’re in the jungle.

The food is great!

Peruvian food is fantastic and I love it, especially because it accommodates people with different tastes.

I have tried ceviche, chicken with fries, alpaca loin, Huancaine potatoes, chicken diet (soup), pizzas, pisco sour, purple chicha, salchipapa, lemonade and more! The juices are great and the fruit in general is very tasty.

People are nice and friendly

These days, I have had the opportunity to talk with a lot of people, asking all kinds of questions such as asking for instructions to x place and the truth is that the people are very kind, friendly, and willing to help.

For example, the guy at the Cusco hotel left me a poncho for the rain, which came great for me in Machu Picchu and the guy at the hostel in Ollantaytambo prepared my breakfast to take on the train.

Activities can be done for all tastes!

Another thing that I really like about Peru is that you can do activities and excursions for all tastes. From cultural or archaeological tours, to adventure sport or swimming with giant turtles in the sea.

impressions trip to Peru

It is important to note that getting online excursions are not cheap. I recommend that you get the excursions on site and speak to a few agencies so that you can compare prices.

For example, on the internet, an excursion cost 20 dollars, which seems to be cheap, but here, it cost me 20 soles (about $6).

The cold is a relative thing

In a lot of places, I read that it is cold in Cusco and Machu Picchu, but I do not know if it is because I come from the Madrid winter or because my indoor thermostat does not work well, but I was not cold at any time during the trip.

Moreover, I was very hot in Machu Picchu.

I took a sweatshirt and a jacket that also served as a raincoat and one of the two was left over, I also took a scarf and a hat for the ride…

I also have to say that there were people wearing warmer clothes, but they were people who came from summer areas.

It’s safer than I was told

I honestly haven’t felt insecure at any time during the trip, but I’m not going to push my luck either.

In Lima, I had been told that it is very insecure and that many mobile phones are stolen, so if I went somewhere less touristy I would not take out the mobile.

I have not walked alone at night, I have preferred to spend three soles and take a taxi (always negotiated before boarding). As in any other place, you have to use your head and instinct.

12 days is very few!

Yes, 12 days is not enough to visit Peru. I have been looking forward to visiting other places such as Arequipa, Puerto Maldonado, going north to swim with turtles, or visiting the jungle, but I have preferred to visit fewer places and get to know them better than visiting many places and seeing nothing.

Besides, I’ll probably go back with Fer.

And these are my first impressions of the trip to Peru. A trip that I am liking very much, meeting many interesting people; other travelers traveling alone and couples, people who have been traveling for months, and others only for vacation.

Peru is undoubtedly a country that deserves to be visited.

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