Best Things To Do in Seville, Spain, on a Weekend

If you ever find yourself in the beautiful city of Seville (Spain), here are some recommendations for activities to do on the weekend.

I recommend taking an audio guide tour of the Alcazar Palace. The palace was originally built as a fortress and later became a royal residence.

It’s worth it if you’re looking for something different than just walking around town, although there are numerous ways to explore this historical monument on your own.

Another activity that everyone should try is going up the Giralda Tower–the tallest tower in Sevilla–to survey the sprawling skyline and enjoy 360-degree views over the city.

What can I say about Seville? It was just amazing! From the food, culture, and architecture – it really had something for everyone.

What to See in Seville in 1 or 2 days?

If you plan a weekend trip, we will tell you about our trip to Seville and everything we could see in this fantastic Andalusian city.

I recommend starting the tour of the Cathedral and, from there, walking through Seville. However, it is also a very comfortable city to travel to by bike or take a segway tour.

Visit the Seville Cathedral and the Giralda

My visit began in the Cathedral of Seville and its famous Giralda. I entered the cathedral for free, but there was a mass, and it was impossible to complete the tour since the passage was blocked. I imagine that it was not to disturb the tour.

The Giralda is the bell tower of the Cathedral, formerly the tower of the old mosque. It is the late twelfth-century city and one of the city’s main attractions and a must-visit in Seville.

Sevilla, vista de la Giralda

It has more than 800 years of history and has seen conquests, revolutions, and wars and remains the tallest building in Seville’s center, up to 101 meters high. For many years it was the tallest tower in all of Europe.

You can climb the Giralda, the entrance fee is € 7 for adults, and on Sundays, it is free.

Things to do in Seville in 2 or 3 days

Real Alcázar of Seville

It is one of the most beautiful buildings and one of the main attractions of Seville. It is a few steps away from the cathedral.

The Real Alcázar de Seville is one of the oldest palaces in the world. He has lived and survived different cultures from the 11th century to the present day.

Sevilla, entrada al Alcazar

It is a witness to Seville’s history, marked by the diversity of cultures and the legacy left behind.

It can be visited starting at 9.30 am, and general admission costs € 11.50.

Golden Tower

The Golden Tower of Seville is a tower of the eleventh century built defensively and indicated access to the port of Seville.

I have read in different places, and I also listened to a history teacher with his students who were hiking that the name of this tower came to be for several reasons.

One such reason is that some say that sunlight gave it a golden tone because of the material built from, hence the name.

Others believe that the tiles were made of gold, and others that this was where the gold and the riches brought from America were stored (The history teacher said that the latter was invalid). Which one do you choose?

Sevilla, torre de Oro vista desde el barrio de triana

Neighborhood of Triana

I took the route from the Torre de Oro (bridge of San Telmo) crossing to Triana’s neighborhood.

Around here, I walked down Calle Betis to the Castle of San Jorge and the Puente de Triana. From there, I wandered a little through this famous Sevillian neighborhood.

I visited its market, toured some of its streets, photographed its bridge, and enjoyed its colorful Betis street from the other side of the river.

sevilla, mercado de triana, puestos de frutas y verduras

Triana is a fishing district, cradle of bullfighters and artists, many tapas bars (you have to try some if), and beautiful views. It is a neighborhood to fall in love with Seville.

Sevilla, casas de colores del barrio de triana, vistas desde la orilla de enfrente

Bridge of Isabel II or Puente de Triana

This bridge that connects the two banks of Seville is one of the most beautiful in the city. You can enjoy the Sevillian skyline’s views with its cathedral, the Giralda, and the Torre del Oro on one side of the bridge.

On the other side, the beautiful views of the Barrio de Triana and its colorful houses.

Sevilla, Puente de triana vista desde la otra orilla

Paseo de Cristóbal Colón (Barrio del Arenal)

After visiting the Barrio de Triana, I crossed the Guadalquivir river, turned left, and went to the Lonja del Barranco market. Although it was April, it was boiling, and a beer never hurt, lol.

Then I walked along the promenade next to the river and headed toward the Plaza de España.

Sevilla, Torre de Oro desde la base de la torre

In the Paseo Colon, you will find the Plaza de Toros, the Maestranza Theater and the Torre del Oro.

I do not visit what is related to bulls because I wouldn’t say I like this practice. So I continue along the same path, which once crossed the bridge, changes its name to Paseo de las Delicias.

Walk of the Delights

On the Paseo de las Delicias you pass in front of the San Telmo Palace and the Costurero de la Reina Exposition Center 1929.

My tour continues along the Avenida de Maria Luisa to the Museum of Science House, past the Casino de la Exhibition – Teatro Lope de Vega. From there I go to the Plaza de España.

Square of Spain of Seville

The Plaza de España in Seville is inside the María Luisa Park. It was inaugurated in 1928 and is one of Seville’s most visited monuments and probably one of the most beautiful.

It has a semi-elliptical shape that looks towards the Guadalquivir. The decoration with the tiles is impressive. It has a small channel through which you can take a boat ride.

Sevilla, Plaza de España, vista desde uno de los puentes con el canal.

It is undoubtedly a place to visit with tranquillity; surely, sunset is a perfect time to photograph this magnificent square.

No doubt, I have missed many places to visit in Seville, but these are the ones that I had the time to visit and those that I believe are essential in a visit as short as mine to Seville. The good thing is that I cannot wait to return and stay for a few days.

Where to sleep in Seville

In Seville, there is a wide range of accommodations. However, we did not have much luck with the one we chose since it was on Isla de la Cartuja, very far from everything. However, you could park superbly.

But I recommend you take a look at what Booking.com offers, and you can find very picturesque accommodations with breakfast or dinner at excellent prices.

How to Get to Seville?

You can get to Seville by all means of transport from Madrid.

By train. The most convenient way to get to Seville from Madrid is the AVE (the high-speed train). It starts at Atocha, and you have arrived at Seville in a couple of hours.

By rental car or in your own car. It is the way we have chosen, and you know that we love to travel by car.

Here, you must consider the hotel since you have to have parking or a comfortable parking area, and then you move by public transport or walking.

Bus. Buses arrive from Seville almost anywhere in Spain. It’s a bit slower, but it’s cheap.

Airplane. I think it’s the least practical way to get there unless you live near the airport, have a good bargain, or visit for more than 3 days. Then, I see it as impractical because you lose time going to the airport, arrive an hour before (minimum), etc.

What do you like most about Seville?

Plan Your Trip To Seville

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