The Best Boat Trips from Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a city bathed by the turquoise blue Adriatic Sea and with many islands. As soon as you arrive in Dubrovnik, you will want to get out and see as much as possible and one of the things you can do are boat trip.

Some excursions start at one hour and take you to get to know a few the city’s surroundings and others can be all day, like a cruise and get to know the most important islands with a guide.

How Much a Boat Trips Cost in Dubrovnik?

Boat trips in Dubrovnik cover various proposals according to possible destinations, itineraries, and the types of boats you choose to take them.

For some price references, the 2-hour panoramic cruise tours or kayak tours of the same duration can start at 35€, with an appetizer and/or snack included.

From then on, itineraries can be extended, and prices can be increased according to the interest of the tour.

Dubrovnik Coast Kayak excursion

You can find a sunset cruise in Dubrovnik for about 50€, up to excursions from island to island from 70, depending on the services included.

As always, it will depend on the time we dedicate to this type of walk and the kind of routes and proposals we seek. There are replicas of old ships, with cruises to visit specific points or to take a panoramic tour.

Like everything else, the question will be to decide and, above all, to plan. We recommend booking in advance those tours that interest you, especially to avoid the high demand in Dubrovnik may cause you an avoidable setback.

Why is Dubrovnik the most expensive city in Croatia?

Dubrovnik is a city that combines in equal parts a dreamlike natural environment with enormous historical interest and cultural value.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979, this city has multiple charms and attractions to bewitch us.

Dubrovnik Coast Cruises

Whether for its history, for its old town and the heritage of its walls, for the Middle Ages that survive in its buildings, for the fictional mirror of King’s Landing of Game of Thrones or for its beautiful beaches (wear crab shoes), Dubrovnik is a unique destination.

This multitude of factors, added to its exquisite gastronomic offer, the proximity to other points of interest, and its coastline facing the beautiful sea that bathes it, make Dubrovnik is rightly called “the pearl of the Adriatic.”

As can be imagined, the city has a very high tourist demand and many visitors annually. This means that its undeniable attractions are reflected in (and carried over to) prices, which tend to be higher than in other Croatian cities.

Best Day Trips from Dubrovnik, Croatia

#1 Elaphite Islands Cruise

The Elaphite Islands are a group of 14 islands that, off Dubrovnik, offer beautiful scenery for their vegetation, architectural remains and natural environment in the bright turquoise beauty of the Adriatic. It is worth clarifying that, of the 14, only 3 are inhabited: Koločep, Lopud and Šipan.

Given the length of the itinerary and the stops at some points, cruises in the Elaphite Islands usually last between 8 and 9 hours and usually include a simple lunch on board. The value is usually from 50€, which is the price of this tour.

This tour offers the transfer from the lodge to the cruise ship and back to the lodge (others include it as an option). It also has food on board and a beverage such as wine, water, or juice.

Port Gruž, where we will board a boat to travel to the Elaphite Islands, where you will be able to see the main sites of this archipelago briefly on your own.

The tour consists of a tour of the islands interspersed with walks and views of points of interest on the cruise ship. You usually have one hour of free time on each island to explore on your own.

In addition, between stopovers on each island, they usually recommend a few places to visit. Thus, we will not miss the seven pre-Romanesque churches of Koločep, the mansions of Šipan, or the Franciscan monastery of Lopud, among others.

woman on a boat

You can also take a look at the following tours:

#2 Boat trip to Montenegro along the Adriatic Coast

The Adriatic tour towards the coasts of Montenegro invites us to explore the splendor and brilliance of that sea and its “pearls,” such is the nickname that its coastal cities have earned.

The tour lasts 12 hours and costs about 50 euros. Includes pick up from the hotel or nearby point in case of being in the old city.

It starts with a bus ride through the Konavle valley to the border of Montenegro. Once there, you transfer to a ferry from Kamenari to Lepetane to cross the Verige Strait to reach the magical Kotor and its beautiful bay.

The tour continues to Perast and its churches, where we will have free time for lunch or a boat ride to the island of Our Lady of the Rocks.

Perast from the ship

Finally, we will arrive in Kotor, where we can enjoy a guided tour of its historic center, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

There we will see many points of interest and cultural legacies of various civilizations and then return.

#3 Speedboat Tour to the Island of Lokrum

For those who love the sea and the thrill of exploring it, this 4-hour tour of the island of Lokrum and the Betina Cave by speedboat is a proposal that is a proposal whose price of 275 euros is commensurate with the exclusivity it offers.

Before or after the walls and busy streets of Dubrovnik, an escape to the Adriatic Sea with the adrenaline of the boat and the sparkle of the waters can be a way to balance and recharge. Even more so if it is a private excursion.

Lokrum Island aerial view

The tour includes, in addition to the sea tour, which alone is worth the entire trip, stops to enjoy the sea and the different sites. You can swim, snorkel in caves, jump off cliffs or simply admire the surroundings.

After seeing the old town and its historic rocks, the tour goes to the Betina Cave and its nearby beach, accessible only from the sea. Finally, a stop at San Jacobo Beach before boarding the speedboat for the return trip.

#4 Boat trip from Orebić to Korčula with Wine Tasting

The tour starts from a meeting point or hotel pick-up if you are outside the old city. If you are outside the old city.

We then set course for Orebić and drive along the points of interest of its peninsula and harbor towards Ston. From there, aboard a boat you will depart for Korčula.

Upon arrival in Korčula, free time is foreseen to walk around and admire its medieval remains and get caught up in its charm of stones and history. You can visit the points we recommended during the trip, such as St. Mark’s Cathedral.

Then, on the boat back to Orebić you can recharge your batteries to depart later by bus to the Pelješac peninsula.

You will enjoy the vineyards and wineries, visit a winery, and taste wine to toast the tour before returning to Dubrovnik.

glasses in Wine tasting

You can also check out the following tours:

#5 Day trip by boat to the Mljet National Park

Like many previous tours, this one starts at a meeting point or at our hotel if it is outside the old city. The activity lasts 10 hours and costs 100 euros.

Once in port, a catamaran takes you to the island of Mljet, where the guide awaits you. Next, you will head towards the Mljet National Park, declared a biosphere reserve.

There you will be able to see a place of original nature, including animals and plants.

Dubrovnik Boat Tour, Fer & Vero

During the guided tour of the park, you will relive adventures from Homer’s Odyssey and the character that Ulysses fell in love with, the nymph Calypso.

This lush and luxuriant island is where Homer placed the nymph’s home. The magic on the island, can be breathed.

Later, the visit continues through the salt lakes and a boat ride through its incredible landscape, where you can swim. Finally, you will see the ruins of the Roman Palace of Mljet before returning to Dubrovnik.

#6 Half-Day Cruise to the Blue Cave

This beautiful 4-hour tour costs 72 euros and starts at the stipulated meeting point. We immediately boarded the cruise ship and headed for the coast. Here, we can appreciate the landscape, have a drink, and rest.

Stopping at the Blue Cave, we can swim, snorkel or simply take the most beautiful pictures possible of this marvel. Afterward, we will visit other caves and an incredible beach to enjoy the sun and the breeze of and salty environment.

The tour includes a snack that we can enjoy before returning to Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik blue cave

#7 Day Trip from Island to Island on the Dalmatian Coast

Maybe we feel like touring the islands of the Dalmatian Coast in one tour. In that case, this 65-euro tour offers an excellent option to accomplish that task during the 8 or 9 hours of its duration.

The tour starts at the stipulated starting point. Once on the boat, depart for Koločep. There you can swim, snorkel, relax and sunbathe.

Then, the town of Suđurađ on the island of Šipan is the next destination to tour.

Finally, the island of Lopud awaits us before we board the ship again and enjoy a buffet lunch and a drink included in the tour before returning to Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik view from the wall

The Best Time to Take Boat Trips from Dubrovnik

The best time to visit a coastal city is summer, no doubt about it. That is the months of June, July and August inclusive. These are warm seasons, where we can make the most of the good weather for beaches and tours of the Adriatic in all its brightness and beauty.

May and September are also recommended since the weather remains mostly warm to visit the city’s points of interest and appreciate them. While it is not the fullness that summer offers, these are pleasant months.

We visited Dubrovnik in April and the weather was excellent and fewer tourists.

How Many Days do You Need to Visit Dubrovnik?

As with planning days about a travel destination, the best answer is that it depends.

However, to establish some useful parameters, we will say that to appreciate the cultural, gastronomic and tourist offer of the city, it is best to spend between 3 to 5 days.

If, besides touring the historic center and taking some day trips, you are interested in relaxing on the beach, then we recommend booking at least 5 days. Otherwise, you will miss something.

Finally, if the intention is to visit nearby points of interest, be it islands, parks, or full-day excursions such as, for example, a trip to Montenegro. We recommend a minimum of 7 days.

In our case, we traveled to Dubrovnik for 6 days and 5 nights and took advantage of the boat trip, the day trip to Mostar, and the day trip to the Bay of Montenegro. And we spent 3 days in Dubrovnik.

Maybe two days in Dubrovnik would have been enough, but 3; I think it’s better not to come back home exhausted.

Plan Your Trip to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik boat trips

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