3 Days in Dublin Itinerary: The Best Things To Do

Dublin is a very lively city, and no matter how many times I go, I have a good time every time I go.

It may be because it is a city with 40% of its population under 30 years of age, or because it has the best pubs in the world and the best dark beer, or because music is part of daily life, or because it almost makes you It gives the feeling that you can explore it on foot without stress.

Whatever it is, I love this city, and I’m sure you will too.

10 Must-Visit Places in Dublin

I share what to see and do in Dublin on the weekend in today’s post. The post is divided into three days to organize yourself better.

But before we start, I want to leave you with my top ten essential places that you have to visit in Dublin, some of them are free, and others are not, but all of them deserve a good visit.

Extra tip: Take a free walking tour.

Recommendation: Dublin Pass includes visiting the Jameson Distillery, the Guinness Storehouse, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Museum of Art, Archaeology, Dublin, airport transportation, etc.

best things to do Dublin

Day 1 in Dublin

Start your visit to Dublin for Trinity College and finish the day by drinking in Temple Bar. Get Ready for a walk.

Trinity College

que ver en dublin, long room

Trinity College is the University of Dublin. Its main attraction for tourists is the bookstore, the Long Room, and the Book of Kells.

O’Connell Street

O’Connell Street is one of the main arteries of Dublin, and touring it is a must for those who want to know a little more about this beautiful city and its history.

In addition, it is a perfect place to take a photo of the river Liffey and one of the most beautiful bridges and famous things to see in Dublin, the Ha’Penny Bridge.

In this street, In the beginning, you can see the statue of Daniel O’Connell, who fought against the yoke British. You will also see the Post Office. Here the uprising of 1916, you can still see the bullet holes in the building’s façade.

The Spire, the Monument of Light

Dublin, The Spire, Ireland

It is 120 meters high and pretty impressive when you see it from its base. Instead of this monument, there used to be a Monument to Admiral Nelson, a British admiral.

James Joyce’s Sculpture

one of Dublin’s most famous writers. His most famous work is the novel Ulysses, which narrates a day in the life of Leopold Bloom.

This play is so famous that it has its day in Dublin. Blooms Day is celebrated on June 16 in honor of this work.

Rotunda Hospital

it’s in Parnell Square, and its particularity is that it is the oldest Maternity Hospital in the world, is from the year 1745.

Dublin City Gallery. The Hugh Lane

The entrance is free. Hugh Lane was an art dealer and gallery owner who stood out for opening the first museum of modern art in the world, Dublin.

Museum of the Dublin writers

It’s a museum dedicated to Irish and Dublin writers and poets since the beginning of the 20th century and the period after independence.

The Garden of Remembrance

It means Garden of commemoration or remembrance, and It is erected in memory of all those Irish who died for Irish independence.

Ha’Penny Bridge

HaPenny Bridge Dublin

An essential thing to see in Dublin is the Ha’Penny Bridge. It was built in 1816 and named after the Duke of Wellington: Wellington Bridge.

The Duke of Wellington commanded the troops that defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.

However, the most famous thing about this bridge was that it had tolled halfpenny for crossing the river from side to side. Hence its name is the contraction of Half Penny meaning “half a penny.”

This toll was working for 103 years!!! Until the year 1919, when it was annulled.

Merchant’s Arch

Right in front of Ha’Penny Bridge is Merchant’s Arch, which is the best way to enter to Temple Bar area.

Temple Bar

Temple Bar at night

Temple Bar is the street that runs parallel to the south bank of the River Liffey. However, today Temple Bar is called the area located between Westmoreland Street, the south bank of the River Liffey, Parliament Street, and Dame Street.

The nerve center of this “square” are the streets Temple Bar and Fleet Street and, of course, the Temple Bar square.

Wherefrom at three in the afternoon, the only thing that is drunk is beer, and the music plays so much inside the pubs as outside with countless street performers from a very high level.

You can’t miss Temple Bar Pub, The Oliver St John Gogarty, or Gallagher’s Boxty House, where one of the typical Dublin dishes is served.

The boxty is a potato cake, in Temple Bar Square you can enter “The Quays Bar” is a phenomenal place. You will recognize it by its black awning that reads “Teac na Ceibe,” which is Irish and means “The Quays Bar” or “Bar of the docks.”

Plan Your Travel to Ireland

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Day 2 in Dublin

We are going on the second day to visit Dublin.

On this day you will see many important places in the city. You start with the first visit to the Guinness Storehouse, continue to the Jameson Distillery, then to Trinity College and its famous library, and finish in the Georgian Quarter and its legends of colored doors.

Recommendation for this day: the Dublin Pass includes visiting the Jameson Distillery, the Guinness Storehouse, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Museum of Art, Archaeology, Dublin, airport transportation, etc.

The price is €49 per adult for one day, €69 for two days, and €79 for three days.

Factory Visit Guinness

Guinness dublin

The truth is that those from Guinness have it super well set up, and the visit is fantastic. We made the first visit of the day, but you have the one that interests you the most.

Here, you start the visit by explaining why each element that makes up the most famous dark beer in the world is essential. Barley, Yeast, Hops, and Water.

They tell you which is which at each step and how it is developed, from selecting products until it is ready to drink.

On the top floor is the Gravity Bar, a bar with a 360-degree view of Dublin, where you can see the different parts of the city with a creamy Guinness, an invitation from the house drawn by professionals!

Old Distillery Jameson’s Whiskey

jameson, que ver en dublin, Vero

During the visit, They explain the entire production procedure of the most famous whiskey in Ireland, Jameson whiskey. It’s pretty cool.

Furthermore, the visit guide ends with a whiskey tasting, and then you are treated to a whiskey or prepared as a cocktail.

Eat something yes or Yes

burgers in Dublin

if you do these two visits just like us, we recommend starting with an excellent breakfast. Since then, you’re going to drink beer and whiskey, and you don’t want to finish too tipsy. , right?

After this visit, we ate some burgers at My Meat Wagon. A very cool place to recharge and continue visiting Dublin.

Walk the Trinity College

Trinity College is the most expensive university in Ireland, where to enter, win the Guinness scholarship, or have enough savings!

Well, from Trinity College, the most famous thing to visit is the “Long Room” and the Book of Kells.

The Long Room is its famous library, where more than 200,000 books are kept. It has some towering shelves that are made of oak wood.

And it is called the long room, for its 200 meters long; on each side of the bookstore, we can see the busts of different scholars and illustrious writers of Ireland.

Visit the park St. Stephen’s Green

The visit to this park is free; we arrived by Grafton Street and entered from the north corner through the Arch of the Riflemen, which was built in 1907 in honor of the Royal Fusiliers.

We let ourselves be carried through the park; we crossed it since our objective was to go towards the Georgian Quarter, more known for its colored and black doors.

Stroll through the Georgian neighborhood

The Georgian Quarter of Dublin is well known for its colored doors, although some black ones are also.

Do you know why? We were told about it in Dublin. So read here and learn about the legends of the colored doors. And leave us in the comments which is your favorite or which is more accurate.

Finished your visit to this area in Merrion Square, resting and visiting the Oscar Wilde statue.

Day 3 in Dublin

Kilmainham Gaol Corredor

On the third day in Dublin, you can visit the Dublin Jail. The Kilmainham Gaol Prison Museum is an important place to visit in Dublin.

We bought the ticket without a prior reservation, so we went first thing in the morning, €7 per adult or €15 per family (2 adults and three children), and we were lucky.

Buying a ticket can be really complicated because almost all or all of them are sold in advance. Keep this in mind for your visit.

The guide is pretty impressive. An eminence in Kilmainham Gaol knows everything: dates, people, places, events. The assistant already told me: “you have got the best guide, enjoy the visit.”

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