major cities on route 66

Written by Vero

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and the Route 66 start signal!

2. Joliet, Il

The Historical Museum and the prison

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"Gemini Giant"

3. Wilmington, Il

Quinn Shell Station

4. Bloomington, Il

5. St. Louis, MO

Check, what to visit there:

6. Cuba, MO

Lots of murals!

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Route 66 Museum

7. Lebanon, MO

The largest city in the South MO

9. Carthage, MO

Bonnie&Clyde hideouts

The drive-in theatre

10. Joplin, MO

11. Vinita, OK

The second-oldest city in Oklahoma

12. Catoosa, OK

And its blue whale

13. Tulsa, OK

Lots of history,  the capital of the state.


14. Oklahoma City, OK

15. Clinton, OK

Route 66 Museum

White Line

16. Shamrock, TX

Be there on March 17th!

17. Amarillo, TX

Route 66 Auto-Museum

Cadillac ranch

White Line

18. Santa Rosa, NM

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19. Santa Fe, NM

Spanish reminiscences

20. Albuquerque, NM

The largest city in New Mexico

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21. Gallup, NM

Native American capital of the World

22. Holbrook, AZ

The heart of the Wild West

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23. Flagstaff, AZ

The Gate to Grand Canyon

24. Oatman, AZ

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Historic Route 66 Museum

26. Amboy, CA

Ghost Town

27. Los Angeles, CA

End of the Trail!

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