Amboise Castle, a Day Trip from Paris

by Vero

How to Get From Paris to Amboise

Driving: Drive if you have a car. Non-EU renters should get an International Driving Permit.

Train: Direct train departs at 7:30 and 17:30. Some require a connection for 2-4 hours. Buy tickets online.

Visit Amboise for a day trip to see Château d'Amboise, Château le Clos Lucé, and Château Gaillard.

Château Royal d’Amboise: The first château I visited

Hours & Admission: Open year-round, except on Jan 1 and Dec 25. Park closes 1 hr after the ticket (€13.30, discounted for children/seniors) office.

Why Visit: A great day trip from Paris; accessible by public transport. Explore the town on foot in a day.

Amboise is famous for its dramatic Château d'Amboise, Amboise.

Le Clos Lucé & Leonardo Da Vinci

François I housed and funded da Vinci in le Clos Lucé, enamored by his art and conversation. The beautiful 15th-century building was da Vinci's home for his last three years. Château le Clos Lucé is closed on January 1st and December 25th. Adult tickets cost €13.50-16.00, with discounts for children, students and group tickets.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop

– Château le Clos Lucé's museum showcases da Vinci's workshop in three areas.

Design studio exhibits the double helix staircase, invention sketches, and an engineer's model.

– He was a painter, engineer, architect, sculptor, and scenographer.

– His masterpieces include The Mona Lisa and The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne.

Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci

In the basement, you will meet 'the engineer' Leonardo and see over 40 of his original inventions. These include the tank, automobile, bridge, boat, helicopter, and more.

Why Is Leonardo Da Vinci Buried In France?

Da Vinci spent his last 3 years in France and was buried in the church of Saint-Florentin per his request. Later, his remains were moved to the nearby la Chapelle Saint-Hubert.

Château Gaillard Gardens And L’orangerie

The walk from Château le Clos Lucé to Château Gaillard is the longest part of the journey, but offers a lovely stroll through quiet streets and local artisan shops.

Open daily from 10:00 to 18:00 with tickets at 13 € and discounted rates for students, seniors, and children.

Visit Amboise Town

Amboise's town center boasts charming Renaissance-style stone buildings and half-timbered houses dating back to the Middle Ages.

Despite the chill of early April, the town was coming to life. The absence of crowds made the day trip a perfect choice.

Food And Drink In Amboise

Mom and I stopped at La Réserve for a glass of rosé and a bowl of soupe à l’oignon. If you manage your time, visit the clock tower and town hall.

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