24 Hours in Edinburgh

Written by Vero Touristear.com

Best Things to do

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The Scotch Whisky Experience

Discover The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh, where you can learn to appreciate and taste different types of Scotch whisky.  A must-do for whisky enthusiasts in the city.

Coffee at Edinburgh’s The Hub

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Visit The Hub, a former church transformed into the Edinburgh International Festival headquarters with a café serving coffee and pastries for €2.50 each.

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St. Giles’ Cathedral

Also known as Edinburgh Cathedral, during your one-day visit.  Experience the transformative power of live classical music inside this magnificent cathedral.

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Where to Eat Fast and Yummy? At Civerinos

In Edinburgh, we found Civerinos, a great place for fast and affordable pizza slices. Be prepared for large portion sizes!

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South Bridge Underground 

Discover the eerie underground vaults beneath South Bridge on a guided ghost tour in Edinburgh. Experience historical tales and ghost stories.

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Royal Mary King’s Close

Explore the fascinating Royal Mary King's Close in Edinburgh, known for its dark stories of the past. Not recommended for claustrophobic individuals.

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Edinburgh Castle

A must-see historical site with museums, memorials, and stunning city views. A significant symbol of Scotland's history.

Go for a Drink!

We went for a few beers to a very cool pub called Labyrinth. The pub totally lives up to its name, as it is a real maze!  It has many different rooms, is well decorated, and is super cool.

Where to Sleep in Edinburgh 

We walked back to the hotel, but we stopped at Grass Market before arriving.  We returned to the hotel but stopped at Grass Market before arriving.