Take breakfast in Lou Mitchell's before starting Route 66

Wilmington Gemini Giant 

take a photo next to its feet

Mustang Corral from Edwardsville

Wander among the old and dusty mustangs that are for sale

observe its murals on Route 66


Devil’s Elbow

take a picture of the view and the river

Bonnie & Clyde’s Hideout

(and walk Joplin by the way)

Banks Converted into cafes

old banks transformed into restaurants and cafes

Catoosa Blue Whale

lie on the lawn for a while  – if you can

Center of the Universe in Tulsa

listen to yourself while you speak


the longest stretch of Route 66

Lucille Hamons Gas Station

take a photo of your car with the gas station in the background

Big Texas Ranch in Amarillo

take a 72-ounce steak with everything so you don’t have to pay

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo

paint a car with colored spray

Midpoint Café

take a photo under the Midpoint sign

Santa Fe

and tour the Turquoise Trail

Petrified Forest

Visit a forest of fossilized logs

Meteor Crater

see one of the best-preserved craters in the world


wander among donkeys as if it was the old American West

Bagdad Café

have a coffee there

Santa Monica

take a photo under the sign of the end of Route 66

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Dotted Diamond
Dotted Diamond

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