Take breakfast in Lou Mitchell's before starting Route 66

Wilmington Gemini Giant 

take a photo next to its feet

Mustang Corral from Edwardsville

Wander among the old and dusty mustangs that are for sale

observe its murals on Route 66


Devil’s Elbow

take a picture of the view and the river

Bonnie & Clyde’s Hideout

(and walk Joplin by the way)

Banks Converted into cafes

Old banks transformed into restaurants and cafes

Catoosa Blue Whale

Center of the Universe in Tulsa

listen to yourself while you speak


the longest stretch of Route 66

Lucille Hamons Gas Station

take a photo of your car with the gas station in the background

Big Texas Ranch in Amarillo

take a 72-ounce steak with everything so you don’t have to pay

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo

paint a car with colored spray

Midpoint Café

take a photo under the Midpoint sign

Santa Fe

and tour the Turquoise Trail

Petrified Forest

Visit a forest of fossilized logs

Meteor Crater

see one of the best-preserved craters in the world


wander among donkeys as if it was the old American West

Bagdad Café

have a coffee there

Santa Monica

take a photo under the sign of the end of Route 66

Esquina de marco gris
Esquina de marco gris


Diamante punteado
Diamante punteado

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