Favorite companies

Here you can find some interesting links. We will be updating this page from time to time.

Here are some links of interest that we have used and we have liked and been useful.

Some of them are to plan your trip, others to save and if you are thinking of setting up a blog or you already have one, I will leave you some of the things that I use, and surely they can come in handy.

Save money on your trips!

Rent a Car

  • Rentalcars is a comparator of car rental companies and looks for the best price. It works very well.
  • Auto Europe is a comparator of car rental companies.

Low-Cost Flights

  • Skyscanner, It’s great to find very well-priced flights. Especially if you do not have a preference for a specific destination, you can search by date, with a departure airport (for example, the one in your city or the one closest to you), and without a destination, you choose the cheapest one or the one that you prefer!

Your best Hotel

  • Booking, It is the most used and you will undoubtedly find a variety of hotels for all budgets.

Save in your Tickets

For your blog