Best Things To do in Springfield, MO

Route 66 Visitor Center

Start your journey by visiting the Route 66 Springfield Visitor Center. Learn about the history of this iconic highway and gather information on local attractions.

History Museum on the Square

Right on Park Central Square, this museum dives deep into Springfield's storied past, from Native American history and the Civil War to the origins of Route 66.

Park Central Square

Nestled in the core of downtown Springfield, Park Central Square pulsates with the vibrant energy of Missouri's third-largest city.  This iconic locale serves as a nexus for culture, history, and entertainment, showcasing some of Springfield's premier attractions.

Gillioz Theater

The Gillioz opened in 1926, and vintage theater enthusiasts will love this Springfield gem’s elegant Spanish Colonial architecture. A short walk from the square, the Gillioz is a beautifully restored 1926 theater that serves as a venue for concerts, films, and community events.

The birthplace of Route 66 is Roadside Park on College Street.

Place of Birth: Route 66 Roadside Park

Route 66 Automobile Museum

A must-visit destination in Springfield for enthusiasts of automobiles, history, and cinema.

Gay Parita Station

Just 25 miles (40 kilometers) away from Springfield, it’s one of the most photographed gas stations on Route 66.

A Bit of History

Springfield, Missouri, emerged as the birthplace of Route 66 in the 1920s when the government decided to mandate the construction of an interstate highway.

What to Visit in Springfield, Missouri?