15 Best  Things To Do  in Inverness

by Vero

Inverness Castle

The castle, built in 1836, is on a cliff, offering spectacular views of the River Ness. The reddish sandstone makes it memorable for all visitors.

Touring the Center of Inverness

The busiest areas are Church and Academy Streets, where you will find restaurants and stores. The center rests on the banks of the River Ness, following the network of pedestrian streets.

Victorian Market

Its architecture, inaugurated in 1870, followed the fashion of covered galleries with narrow corridors and iron and glass ceilings.

The River Ness Islands and Inverness Botanic Garden

Several islands fork the course of the River Ness and are connected to the city by various bridges. You can walk along the riverbank and choose one of the islands for a picnic. In the Tropical House, there are plants and flowers from countries of the southern hemisphere, like coffee plants, pineapple, bananas, orchids, etc.

Inverness Cathedral and Inverness Museum

The Protestant cathedral was built in 1869. The best views of this building are from the castle’s observation deck. The Inverness Museum is the place to learn about the history and heritage of Inverness.

The Infirmary Bridge

It just so happens that the Infirmary Bridge, built in 1879, is an iron suspension bridge that swings and sways quite a bit. No more than 10 people cross it at a time.

Old High Church and Leaky’s Bookstore

The Cathedral, where the important ceremonies occur, overlooks the River Ness's banks. One of the largest used bookstores in Scotland, it has over 100,000 books. If you love books and used bookstores, you will want to spend hours looking for rare and unobtainable books.

Drinking One (or more) Pints in a Pub and Taste the Local Gastronomy

Hootananny is inside a Victorian building. Downstairs you can listen to traditional Scottish music and upstairs you can listen to rock, ska and other more modern styles. In addition, they often organize live concerts.

The Loch Ness Tour

In all tours, you will be told the legend of the lake monster and given time inside the lake to see the incredible scenery surrounding it.

Visit Culloden Battlefield from Inverness and Craig Phadrig

The Battle of Culloden in 1746 was the last battle on Scotland’s soil. Some take the opportunity to do a combined tour of Culloden and Loch Ness. The Craig Phadrig Forest walk is a 2 km hike where you can see the best of the Highlands landscapes, with its forests and river.

Visiting the Cardhu Distillery from Inverness

The distillery offers three tours. One in which they tell you their history, and you end up tasting some of their best whiskies.

Dolphin Sighting at Chanonry Point and See Cairn of Clava Tombs

The Cairn of Clava is a Bronze Age burial chamber, circular in shape and covered with stones. Around 2000 B.C., a row of large burial mounds was built, three of which can still be seen today. Chanonry Point is 25 kilometers from Inverness. Near the lighthouse, you can see bottlenose dolphins.

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