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10 Practical Tips when Traveling in a Camper Van

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Rent a Van or motorhome to try it out before buying one.

Rent or Buy a Van or Motor-Home?

Sleeping in Campsites, Yes or No?

It depends on your van type, the length of trip, weather, and the amenities you are looking for.

When Buying a Van, Let the Dealer Explain How Everything Works. Take notes if you need it!

What's About the Bathroom Situation?

Many campers come with a bathroom and for smaller ones, you can buy a Potty. You can also go to campsites.

Plan Some Meals

Purchase supplies for 2-3 days, based on van space; get fresh produce from local markets for a balanced diet and to support local economy.

Entertainment in the Van

Bring card games, downloaded shows, podcasts, books, Kindle, and board games ensure a delightful journey.

Bring a Toolkit

At least it has one screwdriver (cross and flat), and one flashlight.

More Camper Van Tips

01 Be Minimalist

02 Keep the Flashlight Handy

03 Watch the Temperatures

04 Plan a Flexible Itinerary

05 Keep the Van Tidy

06 Bring a Broom to Clean

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