Must-Visit Ghost Towns on Route 66

You will find several ghost towns in almost 4,000 kilometers of Route 66. Some are actually abandoned ghost towns, others have very few inhabitants, and others have transformed into tourist attractions.

Arlington Ghost Town in Missouri

The gruesome Trail of Tears (1831-1838) passed through Arlington, which later became an oasis for tourism in the old Route 66 with Stony Dell Resort’s resort. Today, its population is about 20 people, and it is becoming quite difficult to follow Route 66 from this starting point.

Warwick (First of the Oklahoma Ghost Towns on Route 66)

Warwick is another ghost town on Route 66. Seaba Station is a gas station dating back to the 1920s and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Two Guns, an Abandoned Town 

Explore the Apache Death Cave, hunt for buried loot, and discover the intriguing story of "Two Guns" Miller.


Madrid Ghost Town, New Mexico

Madrid thrived early on, became a ghost town, and has since revived with restored buildings and art galleries.


Hackberry, Arizona

Transitioned from a silver mining town to a cattle hub. Infamous for gambling and shootouts.

Amboy, California

Once a thriving desert town with an airport, church, and workshop with several rumors of revival.

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