major cities on route 66

Chicago is one of the U.S. Route 66 major cities you’ll find on your historic Route 66 road trip. The city of Chicago, known as “The Windy City,” is architecturally beautiful, with many places to see.and the Route 66 start signal!

"Gemini Giant", a classic on the Route 66 you must visit!

Wilmington, Il

5. St. Louis, MO

Among the cities on Route 66, you have to visit St. Louis. Two Frenchmen founded it in the mid-18th century. However, it changed ownership at the end of the same century, first passing into Spanish hands and later becoming part of the United States in the early nineteenth century.

Oklahoma City is the capital of the State of Oklahoma. It is a city with a lot of history, which has also been able to respect the old neighborhoods and architecture. So give it some time to get to know it.

14. Oklahoma City, OK

17. Amarillo, TX

Route 66 Auto-Museum

Cadillac ranch

Línea blanca

18. Santa Rosa, NM

19. Santa Fe, NM

Spanish reminiscences

20. Albuquerque, NM

The largest city in New Mexico

27. Los Angeles, CA

End of the Trail!

Los Angeles is either the beginning or the end of Route 66, depending on where you start. As I always say, Los Angeles is a city one should visit.  Depending on where you start, Los Angeles is either the beginning or the end of Route 66. However, it is not my favorite city in the U.S.

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