Mont St Michel, a Must-Visit in Northern France

by Vero

History of Mont St Michel

According to tradition, Michael the archangel appeared to the Bishop of Avranches and ordered him to find the abbey on Mount Tomb. At the time, Mount Tomb was a granitic cone-shaped island. The locals looked at him with a bit of fear and superstition. In 1877, a dam was built linking the mainland with the islet, and it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Mont-St-Michel?

Parking at Mont-St-Michel

2:30 hours or less parking: the price is 6,50 euros if you go in the morning. – Parking for 24 hours from your arrival: 12€ – Parking if you enter after 7 pm and leave before 11 in the morning: 4,40€.

Entering Mont St Michel is Free

– The entrance to Mont St Michel is FREE. – You do not have to pay to visit the village and climb the wall. – Only spend on souvenir shops and restaurants.

Cost of Abbey

– The entrance to the abbey costs 10 euros per person; – The audio guides are another 3€ per person, so you learn much more than going alone. – If you are still under 26 years old, you can enter the Monastery Abbey for FREE.


– The most expensive thing about the whole visit is that you get hungry and eat in a restaurant. – A regular sandwich and a water bottle can easily cost you 10€.

Is the Visit to Mont-St-Michel Worth It?

You go into town and seem to be returning in time. The first door you cross is called L’Avancée. It is a fortified courtyard where the guard corps of the Burgundies was located. You will see many shops and restaurants throughout the route and a small church dedicated to Saint Pierre, among others.

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