How to Visit the Iguazu Falls in 4 days

By: Vero

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How to Get to Iguazu Falls?

The flight is from Buenos Aires takes two hours.

You can also go by bus, but it takes about 15 hours to arrive.


How to Get Around in Iguazu Falls?

You can rent a scooter, book a transfer, and ride a taxi. 

Hire a guide or join a guided tour.


What to See in Puerto Iguazu

Tourist-focused, small city Puerto Iguazu relies on falls for income, minor mining/agriculture.

The Place of Identity collects stone murals with important moments of history.

#1 Milestone 3 Borders and Identity Square


#2 Iguazu Falls, the Argentinian Side and Bottom Level


#3 La Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Gorge)

An immense waterfall about 80 meters high.


#4 Brazilian side: Parque de Iguaçú

The Brazilian side is a shorter path, about two and a half hours if you take it easy.

ARIPUCA preserves local plants, showcases Guarani culture with an Aripuca bird trap replica.

#5 Aripuca

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