Must-Visit Ghost Towns on Route 66

By: Vero

Halltown and Carthage, Missouri

Explore relics of a bygone era—abandoned gas stations, workshops, and more—in Vulture City. Don't miss the restored Avila's gas station!

Texola (Oklahoma)

Built in 1901, Texola's Magnolia Service Station, now a U.S. Historic Place, honors its Texas-Oklahoma roots with pride.

Glenrio (New Mexico and Texas Border)

A living relic of history with stories of tax disputes and dual-state living.

Two Guns, an Abandoned Town 

Explore the Apache Death Cave, hunt for buried loot, and discover the intriguing story of "Two Guns" Miller.


Hackberry, Arizona

Transitioned from a silver mining town to a cattle hub. Infamous for gambling and shootouts.

Amboy, California

Once a thriving desert town with an airport, church, and workshop with several rumors of revival.


Madrid Ghost Town, New Mexico

Madrid thrived early on, became a ghost town, and has since revived with restored buildings and art galleries.

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