Discovering America's East Coast: 15 Days from Historical Boston to Sunny Miami

Day 1-3: Boston, Massachusetts

Day 1: Arrival in Boston. Explore the Freedom Trail, a route that passes through 16 historic sites. – Day 2: Visit the Museum of Fine Arts and stroll through Boston Common and the Public Garden. – Day 3: Excursion to Cambridge to see Harvard and MIT.

Day 4-6: New York, New York

Day 4: Travel to New York. Visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. – Day 5: Explore Manhattan: Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park. – Day 6: Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and walk along the High Line.

Day 7-8: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Day 7: Travel to Philadelphia. Visit Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. – Day 8: Explore the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the historic Society Hill neighborhood.

Day 9-10: Washington D.C.

Day 9: Arrival in Washington D.C. Visit the national monuments and the Capitol. – Day 10: Explore the Smithsonian museums and stroll along the National Mall.

Day 11-12: Charleston, South Carolina

Day 11: Flight to Charleston. Explore the historic city center. – Day 12: Visit historic plantations and enjoy the local cuisine.

Day 13-14: Orlando, Florida

Day 13: Flight to Orlando. Day at Disney or Universal Studios theme parks. – Day 14: Second day at a theme park or visit to the Kennedy Space Center.

Day 15: Miami, Florida

Day 15: Travel to Miami. Enjoy the beach, explore the Wynwood neighborhood and the lively nightlife of South Beach.

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