The Best 3 Days in Cusco, Peru

#1 Plaza de Armas, Main Square of Cusco

"The Main Square of Cusco, a vibrant heart steeped in history, stands as a testament to the city's rich past, where Incan and Spanish influences merge to create a unique tapestry of culture, architecture, and lively street life."

#2 Cuzco Cathedral

A mix of styles of Gothic, Mannerist, and Baroque renaissance characteristics.

#3 Murals of Cuzco

Come across a few very nice Inca murals.

 See the Regional Historical Museum, Casa Cabrera, and the Archbishopric.

#4 The Inka Museum and More.

#5 San Blas Neighborhood

El Barrio de San Blas, con sus pintorescas calles empedradas y coloridas fachadas, es un encantador rincón que palpita con la esencia de la tradición y la cultura, ofreciendo un vistazo único a la vida local y su rica historia.

#6 The St. Peter’s Market

– Cusco: Reachable by land/air.Opt for flights, not buses.

How to Get to Cuzco?

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