Tips for first timers

10 Practical Tips when Traveling in a Camper Van

Traveling in a camper van is a wonderful way to experience the freedom of the open road while having the comforts of home at your fingertips.  Here are 10 tips for those embarking on their first camper van adventure.

Research and Plan Ahead

Before hitting the road, research your route and potential campsites. Some popular spots require reservations, especially during peak travel times.

Know Your Vehicle

Familiarize yourself with the camper van's dimensions, controls, and systems. Understand how to operate the water, electrical, and propane systems. It's also crucial to know the height of your van to avoid low bridges or overhangs.

Pack Smart

Space is limited, so prioritize essentials and pack versatile items. Consider collapsible or multi-purpose tools and containers. Think about what you'll truly need, and remember that you can always buy supplies along the way.

Practice Driving

Before embarking on long journeys, take the camper van for a spin in your local area.  Get used to its size, turning radius, and braking distance. Practice parking and backing up in open areas.

Respect Campsite Etiquette

Be a considerate neighbor. Keep noise levels down, especially during quiet hours, and always leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.

Stay Flexible

One of the joys of traveling in a camper van is the freedom to explore.  However, unexpected things like road closures, bad weather, or full campsites can happen.  Be prepared to adjust your plans as needed.