How to Visit Caminito del Rey in Malaga

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Where to Buy Tickets for the Caminito del Rey

Tickets for Caminito del Rey can be bought online. Alternatively, join an excursion from Malaga or Costa del Sol for convenience and peace of mind.

A Little History

Stunning natural setting: Caminito del Rey is situated in the picturesque Los Gaitanes gorge.

Historical significance: Built in early 1900s, inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII in 1921.

Restoration and safety: Closed due to accidents, reopened in 2015 after extensive restoration work.

When to Go to Caminito del Rey

Avoid El Caminito del Rey in summer; visit in spring, autumn, or winter for better weather and scenery. Choose the low season for easier ticket availability.

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The Walk

 Unique natural environment with stunning gorges, canyons, and valley. Some sections are vertigo-inducing, walking 100m above the gorge's wall.  Linear 8km route from Ardales to Alora, taking 3-4 hours.

How to Get to Caminito del Rey

Train option: RENFE offers daily regional services to El Chorro, providing convenient access.

Car option: Access Caminito by road from Malaga via A-357, with clear directions to El Chorro.


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Admission: General entry is €10, guided tour is €18 (*Prices subject to change). Purchase tickets online to avoid queues.

Ticket availability: Buy in advance as tickets sell out fast. First visits start at 9:30 am, with frequent time slots.

Where to Eat in the Caminito del Rey or Nearby

Eat on the path: Enjoy your own food during the tour or try local recommendations.

Los Caballos Restaurant: Slightly further, but worth it for delicious dishes like Plato de Los Montes.

Restaurante El Mirador: Stunning views of Guadalhorce reservoir, ideal if starting at the Caminito.

Our Thoughts

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Ticket challenges: Obtaining tickets was difficult due to limited availability and potential resale by agencies and guides, requiring special connections to secure them.

Our Thoughts

Caminito del Rey experience: Beautiful and well-maintained site, though ticket pricing may be a bit steep. The presence of many visitors diminishes the thrill

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