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446 km long and 29 km wide, and approximately 1900 meters deep

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By car: 450 km from Las Vegas

How to Get there?

There are also guided tours available!

1-day trip

North or South Rim?

If you’re going one day and don’t want to spend all day driving, you have to choose to visit the South Rim or the North Rim.

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South Rim

The south rim is the most visited and touristy and it is where the visitor center and the famous glass walkway are.

North Rim

The North Rim has far fewer tourists and is quieter but has fewer facilities.

How About a Trip in an RV?

If you have a few days the best option is to rent an RV.

Guided Tours

Helicopter? Plane? Off-road?

Grand Canyon National Park

The admission fee is 25€ per vehicle


Imperial Point

One of the highest points on the South Rim is the Imperial Point. It’s 8803 feet high (approximately 2700 meters).

Don't miss it!

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Vermillion Cliffs

It is a typical area of animal migration and buffalo habitat.

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Marble Canyon and the Colorado River

Leaving behind the Grand Canyon...

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