How to Plan a Death Valley Day Trip from Las Vegas

Written by Vero

What is California Death Valley?

Death Valley is a National park and the hottest spot in North America, with beautiful landscapes adored by people worldwide.

How to Get to Death Valley?

From Las Vegas, it’s about two and a half hours of driving to the Dunes of Mezquite Flat, north of the park. 

Best Time to Visit Death Valley

The best time to visit Death Valley is in spring. It is when temperatures are friendlier, and the blossom of wild plants occurs.

Where to  Stay in Death Valley

You can choose from many accommodations within the park, at the east and west. 

Must-stops and Activities in Death Valley

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2. Salt Creek

3. Furnace Creek

4. Zabriskie Point

6. Badwater Basin

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8. Devil’s Hole

9. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in the Park.

10. Spending the Night Watching the Stars.

11. Hiking Trails (5 Hiking Routes)

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