Ultimate  4-Day Alsace Road Trip Itinerary + MAP

Brief Alsace’s History

– Alsace, once German territory, has village names that resemble a German region. It has been French since World War II.

– Despite being incorporated into the Great East region in 2016, some people are unhappy with Alsace's administrative division changes.

Ways to Go and Move Around Alsace

– Travel to Alsace by car from Madrid or fly to Strasbourg.Use your vehicle to move between villages and explore on foot.

Day 1 in Strasbourg

Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, is a beautiful city known for hosting the European Parliament. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend a day and night there. If you're coming from Paris, stop by the charming village of Kirrwiller.

Cathedral Square and Notre Dame Cathedral has impressive Gothic styles. – Kammerzell House, built in the 16th century, belonged to wealthy merchants.

Ribera Del Ill offers picturesque places like museums and churches. – Explore the charming neighborhood of "Petite France" with its unique houses and covered bridges.

Day 2: Beautiful Villages and a Castle

Start your day at Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, a symbol of the region. Reconstructed in neo-Gothic style, it showcases impressive interior rooms and a preserved weapons collection. An early visit is recommended. Admission is 9 €.

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Ribeauville: Get lost in its fairytale-like streets and visit notable landmarks. – Hunawihr: Explore the village, climb to the church, and buy Alsace wine.

Riquewihr: Discover colorful half-timbered houses, visit the castle, and try Riesling wine. – Kaysersberg: Stroll through its picturesque streets, visit the church, and explore local attractions.

Day 3 Turckheim, Eguisheim, Colmar

Eguisheim captivates with its half-timbered houses and unique concentric street layout. Explore cobblestone streets, and visit the central square, castle, and chapel. The best times to go are Easter, August, and December.

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Turckheim, on the Alsace wine route, boasts a rich history dating back to Gallo-Roman times.

Colmar at night: Dinner and a visit to Little Venice are highly recommended. The n, immerse yourself in the beauty of its cobblestone streets and Easter decorations.

Day 4. Visiting Colmar

Colmar's charm, cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and wine route make it an ideal base for exploration.

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