Best Things to Do in Colmar in 2-day

Written by Vero

Colmar in 1 Day

White Line

Discover the must-see places in Colmar, whether you have one or two days. Don't miss exploring the Old Town and Little Venice. Start your journey on Rue des Marchands for an unforgettable experience.

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La Rue des Marchands

Grand Rue de Colmar

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Petite Venise or Little Venice

Marché-aux-Fruits Square

Two days in Colmar

On your second day in Colmar, visit the Musée Unterlinden, explore the Toy and Train Museum, enjoy the Colmar Christmas Markets, and savor the wines along the Alsace Wine Route.

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Musée Unterlinden

Alsace Wine Route

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Colmar Christmas Markets

Toy and Train Museum

Where to Sleep in Colmar

Colmar has a wide range of accommodations suitable for various preferences and budgets. Consider staying in an apartment for larger groups or a hotel room. Ensure convenient parking if you're traveling by car.