Zaanse Schans Day Trip from Amsterdam

By Vero

Where to Sleep in Zaanse Schans?

Volendam is a charming little fishing village that looks like something out of a fairy tale.

What to See in Zaanse Schans?

Zaans Museum and Verkade Pavilion

If you arrive at or after 10 o’clock, start your visit to the Zaans Museum. It is a fantastic place to discover part of the Netherlands, its industry, its entrepreneurial spirit, and its mills.

The Windmills of Holland

In this region of Holland, there were more than 600 mills operating at the same time! It was the oldest industrial area in Western Europe.

De Huisman or Indie’s Welvaren Spice Warehouse

This mill dates back to 1756 and has been part of the Zaanse Schans since 1955.

De Gekroonde Poelenburg

This mill was built in 1869. They say that the name derives from its silhouette, reminiscent of the jackets worn by the lumber merchants of the time. 

De Kat 

De Kat produces high quality paint and pigments built in 1664.

De Zoeker

De Zoeker is the oldest mill in the Zaanse Schans. Since 1968, this large mill has been part of the Zaanse Schans.

Het Jonge Schaap

Het Jonge Schaap is the replica of the mill that stood at the Zaandam station in 1942.

De Bonte Hen

De Bonte Hen was built in 1693 and has survived multiple lightning strikes

Cocoa Lab

At the Cacao Lab, they give you a demonstration of how chocolate is made, from the cocoa beans to the chocolate bar.

Zaan Time Museum

They have an extensive collection of wall clocks of different sizes, models, and “ages.”

The Cheese Factory

You can see how cheese is made, you can taste it, and take some for the road.