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Coffeeshops in Amsterdam: A Guide for Beginners

by Vero

Go First To The Bar 

On your first visit to a coffee shop, you must first stop by the bar. There is a person who sells you weed. If you need more clarity about what you want, the best thing to do is ask.

(They Don’t Bring Weed Or Joints To The Table)

Take A Look At The Chart 

You will see a menu with the different types of marijuana strains they have. Start with the softest and work our way up, like the brownies.

And Consult The Seller in the Coffeeshops In Amsterdam

After Buying The Herb, Choose A Table And Consume

Once you have your weed or cigarettes of laughter already bought, you choose the table to sit at. The waiter or waitress will come by to take your order of beverages. Coffee shops in Amsterdam are that they do not sell alcohol.

Eating A Brownie?

When you smoke, you absorb 100% of the marijuana, but when you consume it in food, you absorb between 60 and 65%.

The brownies come with an amount of pot that can vary between 5 and 10 milligrams. 

Smoke The Weed You Buy In Different Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

If they see that you got weed from somewhere else, you will have to consume a drink.

You can buy weed or ready-made joints in one coffee shop in Amsterdam and smoke it in another. 

Do Not Smoke on an Empty Stomach

Smoking with an empty stomach can make you yellow and feel very bad.

The idea of smoking is to have a pleasant time and live an experience 

Choose The Coffeeshops Away From The Red Light District

Best to stay away from the red light district and wear the best travel shoes to make the journey convenient.

Don’t go to the coffee shops downtown. They are expensive and crowded. 

Travel Insurance to The Netherlands

Do you want to experience going to the coffee shops but are hesitant? Make sure to check with a doctor before trying one. To keep you safe for emergencies, whether going to a coffee shop or not, get travel insurance with medical and more travel coverage.

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