Venice 2-Day Itinerary

When to Visit Venice

For shorter queues and lower prices, visit in the off-season, like September or October.  If you prefer the sun and Venice Carnival, opt for summer or February.

Venice 2 Days Itinerary (Summary)

Day 1 - Piazza San Marco - St. Mark’s Basilica - The Doge’s Palace - St. Mark’s Campanile - The Waterfront and Beyond

Day 2 - Ponte di Rialto - Murano or Burano - Acqua Alta Library

Day 1

Start at Piazza San Marco, explore St. Mark's Basilica, the Doge's Palace, and St. Mark's Campanile.  Conclude with a waterfront stroll and local dining.

Day 2

Start day two at Rialto Bridge for a tranquil morning stroll. Explore the nearby market and perhaps indulge in a gondola ride. Later, discover the charm of Murano or Burano islands.

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