Do I Need Travel Insurance For Portugal?

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What are the Passport and Visa Requirements for Travel to Portugal?

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No visa requirements are needed if you are only staying for less than 90 days.

Should I Have Travel Insurance for Portugal? – International health insurance with an emergency medical evacuation and repatriation benefit. Coverage must be € 30,000.

Is Portugal Classed As Europe For Travel Insurance? The classification depends on the travel insurance company. Some let you pick the country you will be traveling to, while others are by continent.

How Much is Travel Insurance to Portugal? – You can get travel insurance for your Portugal trip for as low as $20. – It can go as high as $40.

What Does Travel Insurance for Portugal Cover?

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- Repatriation - Personal liability - Medical expenses - Stolen/loss baggage - Passport theft or loss - Trip cancellation and delay - Emergency medical evacuation

How Can I Make a Travel Insurance Claim? You can download their app, contact customer support, and gather the necessary documents.

Which Vaccines Are Mandatory In Portugal?

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The country does not require travelers to have any vaccine certificates.

Covid Requirements In July 2022, travelers entering Portugal and other national territories like Azores and Madeira do not need to present their COVID-19 negative result or the COVID-EU certificate.

Portugal Travel Tips

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From money exchange to transportation, we tried our best to find out how to go around the country.

Currency Exchange - Multibancos - Banks - Bureaux De Change/Cambios

Transportation - Local Flights - Train - Taxis - Rental Car