Historic Route 66

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Los Angeles

Ubicación blanca grisácea
Ubicación blanca grisácea
Línea de puntos curvada

The Route 66 joins Chicago and Los Angeles and has around 4000 km  (2448 miles)

Pro tip: if you want to gain an extra hour (due to the time zones) during your journey, start in Chicago!

to organize your trip is during the Summer, late Spring or early Fall.

The best season

Daily plan

The average speed limit is between 55 and 65 miles/hour.

The Route is around 2400 miles.

Do the maths :)

Choose your vehicle

Lots of people drive by bike, other by car or motorhome. Decide what's the best for you!

Reserve the hotels

When you have already the itinerary, make sure to have somewhere to sleep!


Don't forget your passport or ID, the driving license and, if you're a foreigner, the ESTA application.

...and finally

How much will it cost?

Here are some estimations: – ESTA: $14 – Plane Flight: € 650 per person – Accommodation: 15 days x € 50 / day = € 750 – Car rental: $ 1500/€ 1250 – Lunch and Dinner: $ 600/€ 500 – Fuel: $ 450/€ 400 – Other Expenses: $ 600/€ 500 (souvenirs, tickets, etc.) Initial Estimated Total: € 4,700. € 2350 / per person*

*estimation only

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