Road trip on the US West Coast in 15-day-Itinerary

Where to Start the West Coast Road trip

It’s best to get to cities with many flights, such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or San Francisco, since you will find flights every day of the week and low-cost companies arriving in these West Coast cities.

How Many Days do You Need to Go Across the West Coast?

Drive the West Coast of the United States, there are several possible itineraries. Depending on your interests, you can travel in 10 or 30 days. We suggest you a 15-day road trip to California’s most important places and a visit to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon National Park.

California West Coast Essentials

– San Diego – Los Angeles – Santa Barbara – St. Luis Obispo – Big Sur – San Francisco – Sacramento – Yosemite National Park – Sequoia National Park – Death Valley National Park

Major US West Coast Cities

– Los Angeles (California) – San Francisco, California – Las Vegas (Nevada) – San Diego, California – San Jose, California – Sacramento, California – Fresno, California – Seattle (Washington) – Portland, Oregon

National Parks on the West Coast

– Yosemite National Park (charge per car) – Sequoia National Park (charge per car) – Death Valley National Park (charge per car) – Grand Canyon National Park (charge per car) – Joshua Tree National Park – Antelope Canyon (not included in the annual pass) – Valley of Fire (not included in the annual pass) – Monument Valley (not included in the annual pass) – Yellowstone National Park (charge per car)

West Coast Itinerary (Summary)

1. Los Angeles: Arrival by plane and car rental at the airport. Recommended to read: What to see in Los Angeles. 2. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Route 66 3. Las Vegas: 4-day base of operations 4. Death Valley: Visit California Death Valley National Park from Las Vegas. 5. Grand Canyon: Visit the Grand Canyon National Park in one day (or 2) from Las Vegas 6. Sequoia National Park: You’ll find the world’s largest sequoias here. 7. Yosemite National Park: a spectacular national park 8. San Francisco: one of the coolest cities in the United States 9. Route 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles 10. San Diego: the city of festivals and comic-con