Planning a trip to Grand Canyon National Park


Choosing Which Grand Canyon Rim to Visit

The Grand Canyon touches four states: Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. The most accessible and popular state to see the Grand Canyon is Arizona (South Rim) and Nevada (West Rim).

South Rim

will provide you with the classic national park experience with ranger talks, free hop-on-hop-off shuttles, and concessionaires.

West Rim

A classic American outdoor cinema, opened in 1949 on Route 66, still operates on weekends from April to September.

North Rim

North Rim is the more remote side of the Canyon loved by hikers, backpacking campers and the like. You'll find the North Rim to be the least busy, but also the most difficult to access. The North RIm is closed October-May due to winter conditions.


How to get to and around the Grand Canyon?

The best way to get around Grand Canyon National Park largely depends on what you want to experience and your physical ability. For those looking to explore the scenic views, driving along the South Rim in your own vehicle or using the park's free shuttle bus system is ideal.

The best time to visit Grand Canyon National Park?

The best times to visit are the spring and fall, as summer temperatures can push 100 degrees—and higher if you hike down into the canyon.

What to do at Grand Canyon National Park?

Start at the main visitor center to get oriented with maps, Junior Ranger books for the kids, exhibits, and the 20-minute park film.


Walk around the Grand Canyon Village Historic District

Visit the Yavapai Geology Museum

Take the shuttle bus to Hermits Rest