Best Places to Visit in April and May

By Vero

How Do You Stay Connected When Traveling in April and May?

Preparing for a multi-country April and May trip also means finding out how to stay connected online, call, and send messages. 

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We constantly search for internet sims by country, but now, we use Holafly.

Travel Insurance for Your April and May Trip

Most times, we plan our trip for April and May early. HeyMondo has accredited partners worldwide, especially in the Netherlands, Jordan, China, Estonia, and Japan. 

The Netherlands

It is peak tulip season. Tour the country for miles and miles of fields filled with millions of tulips of all colors. If you want the best in one place, head to Keukenhof Park and Gardens.

– On April 13, watch the Bollenstreek (bulb growing area) Bloemencorso (flower parade). – April 27 is King's Day, a Dutch equivalent of St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, with lots of partying and all the costumes in orange.

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Jordan is a beautiful country with diverse terrain and landscapes; exploring it by motorcycle gives you even more freedom. You can make your schedule, get off the beaten path, and even camp overnight if you feel more adventurous.

Mount Nebo is the mountain where Moses looked upon the promised land. The Roman walled city of Jerash is a must-see destination on your tour. And, of course, the iconic city of Petra.

Tip: Starting from the deepest valley in the world, the Jordan Valley, travel the 29-mile route and even detour to the coastal city of Aqaba on the Red Sea.

The best tea in the world, Biluochun tea, is in Jiangsu, and you can take part in the Biluochun Tea Culture and Tourism Festival in Suzhou City. Take a trip to Taihu and witness ancient tea ceremonies, local music, and folk art performances. See the 88-meter-tall bronze Buddha too!

Jiangsu, China

Tallinn, Estonia

In April, listen to good music at Jazzkaar, the largest jazz festival in the Baltic region. With its medieval, walled, cobbled, and peculiar old town, it is one of the best preserved in Europe.

Kyoto, Japan

Japan’s ancient capital, Kyoto, is the best place to see cherry blossoms. The Kamo River has lines of cherry blossom trees. You can sit under the flowers, picnic, or enjoy a mix of history and culture at the Imperial Palace Park in Maruyama Park.